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[RELEASE] Icecast (Music Plugin) Addon - Free internet radio alternative to SHOUTcast

I'm 100% unfamiliar with the Android remote, but from your post I can conclude that the "remote" actually sends HTTP commands to XBMC, which in turn does some things that normally would require a keyboard action.

The plug-in does not have any code to specifically interact with the HTTP server; I can only assume that XBCM should try to transparently handle this.

In any case, a debug log might shed some light on what is actually happening. Can you provide us one?

The following are the links to the debug logs i recorded:

There are 2 types of entries that i see in Android remote - "directory" and direct channel link (i see Music icon)
The following log is when i attempted to play directory

Playing channel.

I just installed the Icecast plug-in. But I get horrible lagging of the graphics, really jerky. The scrolling text of the channel right after I select to play it freezes for a second every other second. And the visualization screensaver is jumpy too.

Anyone know a fix for this? I'm using v10.1 for Windows. Everything else works fine, like when I play an MP3 and the screensaver starts, watch a movie, scrolling movie list, etc. It just seems it's something with XBMC itself.
Any chance of adding a favorites menu internal to the Icecast plugin? Using XBMC's favorites is not ideal.
Sorry, can someone tell me where/how to install this? A few posts back assen said it was available from the XBMC repo, but I had a look there and don't see it.
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@cfg9000: that's a good idea, I'll look at it.

@canadave: for Dharma, it is in the official repo. For Eden Beta 1, it will shortly be.


@cfg9000: an updated version with 2 new features, 'Recent Stations' and 'Favourites' will be coming soon - probably in 1-2 weeks, hopefully before Eden release. For the bald, here is a beta to try:


An updated version is now in the official repo. It has 2 new features, 'Recent Stations' and 'Favourites'.

Hi, when using icecast, I see nowhere near the number of stations I should be seeing.
I'm seeing 1 rock station, 1 'b' station, 1 dance station, 1 lounge station, 2 pop stations, 1 'r' station, 1 rock station, 1 'top' station, 2 top40 stations, 1 urban station, 2 'various' stations, and 1 world station.

However 90% of these stations are "I love radio", the same stream, and the rest are either abclounge, top100station, alpha fm, or

So I'm actually getting 5 stations. Is this right? is the addon still being updated, or is something wrong on my end?
@nascent, it seems this is a problem with the Icecast directory itself. VLC folks are having the same problem:

And this is the ticket at xiph:
Thank you arbrandes!
Direct quote for anyone interested:
Quote:I am in contact with the guys at the IceCast streaming directory.

The cause of what you all described is a temporary limitation of yp.xml (dev's should know) to list only 1000 entries at the moment.
They are migrating the icecast directory to a new infrastructure and soon that limit will be removed. Then all radio stations should appear again.


So I guess we have to wait for the migration.
Will the ICECAST plugin work with the ARTIST SLIDE show viewer, or the LastFM slideshow viewer?

[RELEASE] Icecast (Music Plugin) Addon - Free internet radio alternative to SHOUTcast52