Request -  Tumblr Image Plugin ( Picture Plugin) Addon?
Is there a plugin allready for making a slideshow from tumblr pages/archive ? Would like to see that similar like picasa/flickr plugin
just found, there is also an api available.

Just in case somebody able to do it stumbles across this little post. (tumblr archive picture viewer would be more accurate - assuming you cant have video, text , audio and pictures in one addon Smile )
That would be ace Smile
I just wanted to give this thread a little bump to see if anybody might be interested in doing this.

I've just been having a poke around on Tumblr and there's a huge variety of picture and photography blogs on there that it'd be great to be able to access through XBMC.

I'm not a coder, and so I don't really know how easy/feasible it would be to do this, but it'd be really nice if there were a add-on which could display photos from user-defined tumblr blogs.

a few (fairly random) examples: (Street art) (European travel blog) (Humorous infographics) (also a lot of text, but as you'd expect from National Geographic, all of the pictures are great on their own) (Vintage Print Ads) (Travel Photo Blog)
I'd like to co-sign this request.
It would be a nice plug-in to have.
i would like to see one too
same here, many good artists use it and it would be awesome to auto show latest artworks in xbmc
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Hey folks, last friday afternoon I had some time to get my head around the
XBMC add-on architecture ... just wanted to know how it works and what I
had to do to watch my Tumblr dashboard on my TV.

So here is what I came up with after digging for the right docs and fighting
for the first time with Python (nope ... we will never be friends ...).

You can find it here:

But please don't expect to much. As I said it was my first contact with
Python, so I don't know anything about naming conventions, etc. The code
works, but it needs a little more structure, some clean up, more features
and advanced python magic Smile .


It does not work for me. I allways get 403 forbiden error (i double checked the email and password and are OK). I didn,t notice any OAUTH protocol in the code, like API is requesting it. Will you add it?
As I learned yesterday, Tumblr has abandoned authenticated APIv1 access:

Quote:Now that v2 has reached stability & maturity, this also means it’s time for us to begin to phase out API v1. We will be phasing out all authenticated requests for API v1, while leaving in place all unauthenticated reads. The current date for the phase out of authenticated reads for v1 will tentatively be September 1st, 2012.

Right now I don't have any spare time to adapt the code accordingly, maybe in october ...
A Tumblr add-on is a must have!
I had some spare time to try this out. Here is my attempt at a tumblr plugin using v2 of the api. I hope to add more settings and make them a little more user friendly in the near future.

Install Instructions
1) Download Zip file from GitHub (Download)
2) Install from Zip File (System > Add-ons)
3) Under Addon Settings add a space seperated list of tumblr blogs WITHOUT the "". For Example: stencils allthingseurope stephenwildish
4) Enjoy

(2013-01-28, 01:13)HyFrmn Wrote: I had some spare time to try this out. Here is my attempt at a tumblr plugin using v2 of the api. I hope to add more settings and make them a little more user friendly in the near future.
4) Enjoy
Thanks, it's working now Smile Looking forward for new features like saving images (single, selective or batch) to local folder.
HyFrmn, thanks for creating this, I am having an issue thought going to the next page of slide shows, for some reasons none of the 5 I have access show Page 2
Can you check?
I'm getting the error "Add-on does not have the correct structure". Someone please create an screensaver add-on that uses my tumblr dashboard photos!
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