"And" verses "&" with movie title lookups using TheMovieDB (TheMovieDB.org) scraper?
A few of my movies are not found correctly in moviedb because of "and" vs "&". For example, I have a movie file named "Hustle and Flow (2005).avi" but XBMC cannot find the movie info because it is listed as "Hustle & Flow" in moviedb.

It would be nice if XBMC can automatically detect these.
that is a good suggestion however I recommend you post this on trac.

you can read http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=HOW-TO_submi...re_request

or go http://trac.xbmc.org/

your already registered as it uses the forums login information so no registration should be necessary,

On the suggestion I would also post a link to the forums request/suggestion.

This is a suggestion, because suggestions on forums are forgotten, on trac they will always be on a active list which developers should always read.

Add to cc on trac ppl like jmarshall spiff vdrfan etc.

ask on IRC support channel who is the dev who is responsible for this type of work.

this is, if your really interested in this suggestion.
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"And" verses "&" with movie title lookups using TheMovieDB (TheMovieDB.org) scraper?00