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Resolution changes after resume from sleep
I installed XBMC 10.0 from the live CD. I have a 720p TV and am using the VGA port on the TV (D-SUB output from video card). I set my resolution to 1360x768 x 60hz and said "yes" to keeping that resolution. I rebooted the computer and it came up in the correct resolution, yay!

However, if i put the computer to sleep and then wake it, the resolution is back to 1080p. The crazy thing is if I go into settings it still shows it's set to 1360x768, but it's definitely back to 1080p as my monitor is crazy from it. If i change the resolution to something else and back, everything is happy again, or if i simply reboot the computer it comes back up int he right resolution. Obviously I don't want to reboot everytime though as going to sleep is much faster and things pick up where I left off.

Any thoughts? I thought of editing the xorg.conf but need the right modeline. Is there a tool to setup xorg.conf in xbmc?
I have the same problem. sometimes after suspend, my xbmc switches to 50Hz... before suspend: 60Hz
I have a similar issue here. I can set the resolution to 1280x720 60Hz (which persists on reboot), but after waking from suspend, it goes right back to 1360x768 60Hz instead. (My setup is XBMC 10.00 Live on an ION-based Zotac Zbox.)
Anyone get an answer here? I'm having a similar issue when resuming from sleep in Windows 7.
Hi all. I don't know if this will help at all but it did for me a month or 5 ago.

Are you familiar with modelines and/or the xorg.conf file? If so, take a look at this file. It's in /etc/X11/

If your xorg.conf contains modelines it's likely you have multiple modelines in one "row". It probably looks something like this:

Section "Screen"
     SubSection "Display"
          Modeline      "1920x1080_50" "1920x1080_60" "1920x1080_24"

If so, the first modeline (the "1920x1080_50" in my example) will be considered to be the primary modeline. So while you set XBMC to run at 60 Hz, it's possible that after a reboot it automatically picks the first (default) modeline (i.e. the wrong one in this case).

Just make sure you have the correct modeline as first modeline in this row and see if it works.

BTW: I'm afraid this is for XBMCbuntu/XBMC Live only...
@ devaron will give this a try later and report back. This has been bugging me for nearly a year but never just quiet got round to chase a fix for it until today. Will report back.

Resolution changes after resume from sleep00