Display a captcha image in a dialog?
How i could display a captcha image in a dialog? if possible i'd like to avoid building a gui with WindowXML, to increase compatibility with different skins. its recaptcha, so theres no possibility of using an ocr.

I've already got the code to get the captcha image url thanks to maruchan (tested and working), i just need to find out how to display it.

The most realistic way (i thought) to do this was to create a dialog box with the captcha image in it, and a field for entering text which brings up the keyboard.

How can i do this? Because in the xbmcgui doc i see no possibilities for adding an image to a dialog box.
maybe this thread might be of your interest.

cheers nixa, i've implemented a rather hacky captcha display instead. (displays captcha as a folder icon)

seemed preferable to a slideshow or spending hours writing a custom gui interface.
my development build of icefilms now has recaptcha working perfectly!
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Display a captcha image in a dialog?00