[RELEASE] Fusion Genesis (v.0.8.5) Public Beta

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Thanks alot man, ive been following this for a month now Smile
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Post: #17
Great work and even better than i imagined. There are so many little tweaks, you really can see alot of hard work has gone into this skin. Smile
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Hitcher Wrote:Um, the thread under this one?

Done, was just double checking Big Grin

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Congrats on the Beta Release. I'm bummed that I'm seeing this at work and I have to wait til I get home to try it out. Any chance on a youtube demo?

How to use Git
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Thanks for sharing the beta, its really a great skin.

Just one thing. What happend to the nice looking OSD bar?

[Image: fusionosd.jpg]
ECEC Offline
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Wow, easily the best skin for XBMC I've ever used, and I've been through most of them on the site. Nice work! I ran it through all the paces and didn't encounter any bugs or anything. On my HTPC it ran great as well. This thing looks slick as all hell. Big Grin

What makes the "featured item" section work? Is it a 10.0 feature only? I haven't gotten around to upgrading from RC2, and that section is blank for me.
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I've been waiting for this one for quite some time now and what do I see this morning? Fusion is finally released Smile This is definitely my favourite skin right now and I don't think that will change anytime soon. Arcanthur, not only did you fulfill my expectations but you surpassed them by far. Thank you for this wonderful skin.
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Love it but miss one thing in skin options there is no way to link Xbmc Subtitles Addon to be used in Video OSD .. any chance this can be added?
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curlable address for those with headless machines.


curl -o skin.fusion.zip "http://xbmc.exstatic.org/skin.fusion.(0.8.5).zip"

[Image: aeKO.jpeg]
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Dear Arcanthur,
I appreciate your effort. Already downloaded the skin. It looks promising and awesome

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Thanks Arcanthur for another stunning creation, i have only played with it for a few mins but i realise i can finally ditch Aeon in favour of this as it runs great on my little Asrock Ion 330HT(overclocked to 2ghz). Can't decide which views to use as yet as there is so much to take in.
I have noticed one or two minor problems but i can live with them as this skin is streets ahead of the rest alot of thought and care has gone into it unlike some skins where there just thrown together as tina would say "simply the best":)

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Fantastic skin man. Looks great!

One quick question though. Is there any way to make it so that opening TV Shows or Movies automatically goes to the "By title" view? I rarely use anything other than that, and I've enabled the sub-menu for the rare occasion I might want to. A togglable option for the skin would be really great, but I understand if it's not something you want to add. Smile
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Amazing skin! I love it. Best skin i ever used in xbmc. Thanks a lot.

+1 for XBMC Subtitles and skipping the title/genre/year screen when going into movies/tvshows
dwsww Offline
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Slurrrp Wrote:Amazing skin! I love it. Best skin i ever used in xbmc. Thanks a lot.

+1 for XBMC Subtitles and skipping the title/genre/year screen when going into movies/tvshows

Amazing work. Thanks for the awesome skin, by far the best and most complete yet.

Another +1 for the option to go to titles by default. It would also be cool if we could customise the sub menu, I'd like to add some video plugins under the television and movie menus.
RazorFR Offline
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Thanks Arcanthur & Team Blackbolt.
It does look nice and the overhaul purpose of simplicity, usability and refinement is achieved.

I am used to Xperience, so I did some very minor modifications to bring the skin behaviour a bit closer to what I am used to.

Main Movie icon takes you to movie titles by default and back to home on return
In 720p folder / Home.xml
Replace <onclick>xbmc.activatewindow(videolibrary,movies)</onclick>
By <onclick>xbmc.activatewindow(videolibrary,movietitles,return)</onclick>

Main TV Shows icon takes you to TV shows titles by default and back to home on return
In 720p folder / Home.xml
Replace <onclick>xbmc.activatewindow(videolibrary,tvshows)</onclick>
By <onclick>xbmc.activatewindow(videolibrary,TvShowtitles,return)</onclick>

Main Programs icon takes you to Launcher Plugin by default and back to home on return
In 720p folder / Home.xml
Replace <onclick>xbmc.activatewindow(programs)</onclick>
By <onclick>xbmc.activatewindow(10001,plugin://plugin.program.launcher/,return)</onclick>

Main Pictures icon takes you to Big Pictures addon by default
In 720p folder / Home.xml
Replace <onclick>xbmc.activatewindow(pictures)</onclick>
By <onclick>RunScript(script.image.bigpictures)</onclick>

Enable Xbmc Subtitles in Video OSD
In 720p folder / VideoOSD.xml
Replace <onclick>XBMC.RunScript($INFO[Skin.String(SubtitleScript_Path)])</onclick>
By <onclick>XBMC.RunScript(script.xbmc.subtitles)</onclick>
You'll have confluence GUI, as it is not skinned in Fusion

These are very small tweaks. I am posting them just in case it might be of interest for other people.
Last things I would like to do

- Enable some nice poster views in programs for games.
- Can't see how to populate Featured/Favourites? items.

Any help is welcomed

Thanks a lot for Fusion
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