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[RELEASE] Fusion Genesis (v.0.8.5) Public Beta
love the work you have done Arcanthur

not to clog up the thread or anything but does this support home cinema experience out of the box, i have several movies, but i cant the home cinema experience to show up, tried other skins, and it does indeed show up.

Just wondering, saw some pictures floating around with a home cinema experience play button, that + subtitles osd, would make this my primary skin, i really need the home experience play option Smile
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Arcanthur, you definitly should check all views for pg up/pg dn, because we lost some movies when switch like this, especialy in posterwrap.
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I've been waiting for this skin since your first screenshot came out, and it is everything i hoped it would be. I just wanted to thank you, Arcanthur, for all the hard work you've been putting into this skin. It is now my default skin, and will probably remain so for a long time.

The things i miss from Fusion as of now is, XBMC Subtitles support (i know you're working with this one), and also some way to add five favorite addons to the main menu.

Anyway, thanks again. I can't believe there are people who does these kinds of massive projects for other people to enjoy for free. Amazing!
Same as myself Pettson, once the subs support are in this skin it will me 100% my main skin on all my xbmc machines.
Wow i just tested it. It s really amazing.

a few remarks:
- I have one request that would be to allow different colors from blue for selection and other widgets.
- i love the infolist view cause it has the director info. Could we have something similar in Biglist and biglist2(especially this one that i love to use) ?
-an extra feature that i would love would be the possibility to completely disable scrollbars.
- i use Recently added like everyday and i find that we need a lot of clicks to get to it. Could we have an option to make it first submenu before titles?

Amazing Skin!!!! thank you so much
Downloaded this skin, it looks very nice. I look forward to trying it out more when it's complete. Keep up the good work.
love the skin, really great work

there's a few things i noticed
it will freak out if an external player is playing a movie and i click on the now playing (where it shows the OSD)

the arrows in icon2 mode don't seem to allow mouse clicking, this is prob by design

the breadcrums for the netflix plugin all show instant queue, i changed that menu structure for instant, disc, and history, each has sub menus and options as well

the dialog's have no border or diff in color, makes seeing the ok button abit "odd" as it's down on the title (example adding to instant queue)
again, great work on the skin, i found another one for ya

setting dialogs that have sections do not display the different tab, i.e. go to the addon settings for xbmcflicks, it only shows the first set of options.
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