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[BUG] Black screen when switching windows too fast
XBMC: Dharma final
Ubuntu: 10.10
Skin: Back row (what else for a bug report for it? Smile )

Maybe not the best formulated topic, but I couldn't think of a better way to describe it. Basically, if you are watching a movie, press tab to return to file view and check info on the file, then use backspace and tab right away, the screen goes black.

I assume it's some UI overlay getting stuck because pressing tab twice removes it. It's easily reproduceable and happens on all types of content for me. It's not really a huge bug, but I jump around a lot when watching and it happens on occasion. Easiest way to reproduce is the way I described it, at least for me.
Thanks Praesten - that's an unusual one.

I think I've sorted it - check the svn for the update
Not a problem, nicely done by you on the speedy fix. I don't usually run software from the SVN but I'll give it a go Smile
Hmm, maybe I should start a new topic regarding this, but I was just curious. It did fix the issue though.

After going to the SVN version (version 3108), I seem to have lost the clearart (or logo, I get them confused) when opening Information when watching a TV-show. I just have a simple TV-icon in the bottom right corner now instead of the logo of the show.

I've tried redownloading and did get it for a show I recently added, but nothing else and it's not shown there either.

A sidenote, this version seems to be causing a greater load on my system than the earlier, going around in menus with a normal SD video running in background sometimes causes stuttering.

EDIT: Yes, the logos are back if I swap to the non-SVN version (3.0.8).
Right - sorry I meant grab the updated file from the SVN itself, I'm assuming you've downloaded the SVN version of the skin from the Passion repo. Not a problem - it's just the SVN skin doesn't have the studio logos present (they're a separate download) and it has all the skin's media files as standalone files rather than packaged in a Textures.xbt file (hence the slowdown). If you download the skin from the mediafire download link you should be fine (that's up to date now as well).
Ah, explains it Smile

I'll grab the mediafire link, thanks again for the speedy replies. And if I come off slightly whiny it's not my intention, I've just been home sick since the 25th and it's starting to get annoying.

[BUG] Black screen when switching windows too fast00