How do you activate the OSD while in music?
OK......this is a very dumb question. When in music using list view 2, how do you activate the OSD to pause or stop the music? I can't seem to activate it.

Not a dumb question. It's cool. Press "X" to stop the music. To bring up the OSD, hit the "M" key and it will bring up the OSD display to control the music.

Just to add to the excellent answer already provided:

Here is the link to the Wiki which shows you also the other keyboard possibilities. Further down on the page the link will take you to you can see specifics for music, video and so on..
Thanks guys. I am using a RF remote (FireFly from Snapstream) and I am able to activate the OSD in the default skin, but not with Back Row. I guess I will need to do some additional work with mappings and potentially Eventghost to get it work correctly.

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How do you activate the OSD while in music?00