Aeon on an ION?
boykster Wrote:this - I mentioned before that I run AeonMQ2 on my 2 Atom/ION boxes (Asrock 330), but I failed to mention that they both run LIVE/AeonMQ2.

An SSD drive also helps, especially with loading fanarts. I also highly recommend enabling DDS fanart compression...

I have an ION with a SSD running Openelec (I don't think it get much faster) and still notice some lag between menu changes.
Just figured I'd chime in for an opinion.

I'm currently running MQ2 on my XS35GT with 2 gig of ram, ssd, and newest developer openelec. The interface flies. I get about 3 seconds of delay, when I open up either "TV" and "Movies" while it populates my libraries. Other than that, things run pretty great...
Hey ZombieRobot,

Any update on the lite skin?

dont have much time to work on it at the moment but have been doing all the boring xmls like settings all views are done home menu needs some work just need to fix up the sub menus and recently added its still a small download size around 14mb
I'm dying to get my hands on your skin as well, Zombie. Please let us know as soon as it's available Smile
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I figured I would throw my comment of support in as well so you know what you're working towards. I actually began researching rewriting Aeon myself a couple weeks ago before I found this so I absolutely support what you're doing here.

I could easily see your work being the main Aeon codebase most people run and be the branch by which any future Aeon projects would be based. As a fellow coder I understand that years of spaghetti code have to be rewritten at some point in order to perform and continue to grow, particularly in an open source environment.
Im waiting for this Skin.

Keep the Good Work Zombie
I Can't wait for this, Finally a skin that can replace Sinus Smile
Really nice to hear about this skin. I loved Aeon even before it was released, just so very nice to look at, but it ran bad on my ion 330 atom asrock.

ZombieRobot, what skins views are you planning to make available in your release? Also, what's been your choice of fonts? Keen to learn more about it.
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Fonts are at the moment Bebas and droid sans i dont think i am happy with the fonts of choice but it is hard to find a font like the original aeon skin that are commercially free i have set it up so that font can be changed by me if need be just wanting to get it all up and running before any fine tuning

there is a lot of code in the aeon skins because there has been thousands of hours invested into coding the old aeon skins i have tried to cut it right back it will be a bit rough around the edges at the start but i will work on usability after alpha release.

i have all showcase views fully coded with full screen versions of each view as well. in showcase views i have not coded in multiplex coverflow just flat for now.

No lowlist or wall view yet but i have also completed basic list view. home screen almost fully finished just got to add recently added also will start work on a banner tv show view soon but may release skin before adding any views
Zombie, if you need beta testers, let me know, cause im interested.
Also, im able to translate it to Portuguese.

Check out Aeon Nox. Runs great on my ION 330

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dascmo Wrote:@Revenge

Check out Aeon Nox. Runs great on my ION 330

i would also recommend Aeon Nox great lightweight aeon skin
ZombieRobot Wrote:i would also recommend Aeon Nox great lightweight aeon skin

Zombie, hows your skin going?
Im keenly interested as I want to run it on an Apple TV 2.
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Loved Aeon Nox, try it, it's like having Aeon but without lag in my Shuttle XS35GT.
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