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dumbest question the whole year <happy new year btw) - I cant for the life of me figure out how to access the Addon Scripts Custom Home buttons, have set them up but dont see them anywhereHuh, someone help a fella out would they.
judging by the number of responses Big Grin I prob explained it somewhat badly so heres a screenshot. Q again is how and where are these items accessed please?


thanks in advance
1. See if "Hide Scripts" is checked in Skin Settings, if so uncheck it
2. Now you should see Scripts in Home menu.
3. When Scripts is highlighted press "up" and you'll see the added scripts in a submenu.
Since when there is a scripts Menue in Cirrus 2.0?
I couldnt find it.
thats just it, theres is no menu to hide, there is tho an option to set background for this mystery script menu.
iam working on it and release with one of the next updates of my mod.
As i am using monsieurpaulu's MOD, there is a Script Section you can use or hide.
Sorry didn't knew it was removed in Cirrus 2.0.
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