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More Info Screen - High Resolution Poster
Hi Guys,

I saw a post on this same topic recently under the general section and the Aeon skin section.

I noticed a while back that when I scraped my movies the library view posters and the poster on the "more info" screen were not the 'full res' version of the file i had stored.

Long story short:
looks like some skins like Aeon can actually show the full res version of the poster or movie.tbn on the 'more info' screen, but still used a lower res cached version in the library view to improve performance.

Does reFocus support this feature? Is there any way I can get the full res posters to show only in the more info screen and show the lighter versions in the library?

I tried reloading all posters in library view with the higher res vesions, but it slowed down the library view a bit.

I would really love to be able to see a higher res poster in more info if possible.

Put this in the 720p folder this assumes your using movie.tbn if your not you can easily change it just look for movie.tbn, or you can add the same code for all formats folder.jpg, poster.jpg but it must not be above line 506 as you still have to display the cashed version briefly as they take longer to load if its on a share

Maybe Jeroen will add it properly for you Smile

More Info Screen - High Resolution Poster00