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Newbie Dumb Questions !
Hi All.

Just added thsi skin...awesome !

I have been using the standard skin since I 1st installed yet now that I am using media stream I could do with some pointers. Before I get grief, Yes I do know where the Search button is but it has not provided my answers.

So, can anyone help with :-

1. Buttons

I would like to remove/add/or re-name buttons from the main menu. I use the file set up as opposed to library and can not see the need for both movies and video options (they seem to be the same !). Presently I have one folder in windows with sub folders of "Films", "Kids Films" and " Camcorder Clips ". I would really like an option to select each from the main this possible??

My wife and kids use the HTPC so I need the intial menu as simple as possible.

2. Source

I can not seem to set what folder each should point to (the source folder).

In my standard skin this was very easy so I assume its just me being dumb.

3. Thumbs - Photos

My photos are in individual folders and the thumbnail previews are totally blurred unless I have an image for each folder (folder.jpeg). Can I improve this ?


Newbie Dumb Questions !00