Local Movies and buffering?

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CorpseTumor Offline
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Recently, my local movies (connected to an external HD) have started to pause or "buffer" while playing. Ive been wondering if anyone knows why local video would stutter. Another issue is that its been taking a long time to open the files in xbmc. When i press play it usually loads for a good 10-15secs before playing begins.

Can this be due to hard drive failure? Its an external, which has been moved around from my room and back to the living room but nothing too serious. Hopefully it isnt but its my worst case scenario. Im trying to find another convenient way of backing everything up...
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I've started having the same problem in the last few weeks. My movies are played from nfs partitions over a gigabit network and it has worked flawlessly for years. No hardware or software changes have occurred except updating XBMC to version 10.0-3.

Edit: I'm running on Linux but this issue seemed similar.

Edit2: Sorry for the post; it looks like I'm getting slow network performance due to an IRQ conflict with a PCI card. Network speeds are down to 10Mbps. Mods feel free to delete this post. :o
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I've only seen this behavior if my CPU is being maxed out for some reason. Have you ruled that out?

Read this before using these builds.
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