Featured Movie using random items script.

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tungmeister Offline
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amet Wrote:recently added should not be used on latest nighty builds, it will mess things up

I was only referring to the random items script, or does that also mess things up?
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>>X<< Offline
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tungmeister Wrote:I was only referring to the random items script, or does that also mess things up?

I would have thought so as they are essential the same script

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adriank99 Offline
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Yep it still doesn't work. Tried everything. Nightly builds, Dharma , new scripts, old scripts. Nothing fixes it Sad
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amet Offline
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If both scripts are using recently added window in home then yes, it will be messed up as the script will set properties and when you enter home xbmc is going to set it to recently added again

Debug log might have something useful
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frellAn Offline
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This is weird, the fanart image for random movie just stopped working, I did not change any code or anything. How can that happen?

It worked fine 20 minutes ago...
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