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Help And Support Subforums
Is is possible to re-structure the Help and support Forums please. With only the 4 sub-forums (one per platform) it is becoming increasingly harder to find relevant information as XBMC progresses.

With XBMC growing so fast there is ALOT of useless/old information in the forums that are burying the new and usefull info.

For starters could we make it mandatory for the use of tags for easier search/browsing?

Perhaps [platform], [build], [hardware] - thread details would be a good start
ex. [XBMCLive], [Dharma 10.0], [ASRock] - How do I....?

I seem to be using Stack Overflow a lot recently and with all the info I find the tags system to be very helpful.

OR..... not sure if this will work but,

Create a few more subcategories for each help forum. To break it up somewhat.

Perhaps something like this?

XBMC Live Support

- General and SIMPLE xbmc live support/FAQ's (for new users browsing etc..)

install help
remote help
Acer Revo
install help
remote help
install help
remote help
(* subforums for other major hardware that is being used)
install help
remote help


Just ideas. Adding so may sub-forums may entangle the info more for the short term but I can't think of another way to break it down more.

Any other suggestions?

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