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[LIVE] XBMC Live and NTFS partitions
I`m toying around with XBMC Live and i can`t get it to recognize/mount my NTFS partitions (from the same computer, XBMC Live is installed on a USB stick, the rest of the partitions are NTFS on HDDs). Do i need to use ntfs-3g, because from what i remember, this comes pre-installed under normal Ubuntu images, but i`m not usre if it`s also part of the XBMC Live image ?
you need to remove "nodisknount" from the grub command line or manuallt mount the disks in fstab.
Thanks, i already did that (removing the nodiskmount cmd from the grub command line). The only issue is that the modification resets everytime i restart XBMC. Is there any way to save the setting permanently?
if you have a live installation you need to make sure peristance is working at all. Are other changes saved?

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