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Megaresolver for Addon developers
EDIT Deprecated by the new videourlresolver module, google for 'icefilms-xbmc github' to find videourlresolver.

---In development---
This will be a set of classes encompassing Megaup,Megavid,Megapron,Megapronvideo
(deliberately mispelt to hide from google searches)

This will be based on my routines from my Icefilms plugin and Coolblaze's megavid script.

It will support premium and free accounts with cookies etc.

Its use is for returning direct url file links that can be played or downloaded by xbmc. It will also function independently from xbmc.

It will likely be completed and released after i finish working on v1.0.0 of my icefilms addon.
When it's complete, the whole thing will be included in my icefilms addon,
which you can get by installing my repository to xbmc.
It will also require the mechanize module, for which an xbmc package can be found in my repository.

The development repo is at
megaupload support is working. megavid support can eventually be added, but i'm heavily involved in developing the icefilms addon.

if anyone wants to be added to the github repo to complete the code, just message me.

there is plenty of code around for python megavideo resolving, its just a matter of adapting it neatly to work with the classes.

Megaresolver for Addon developers00