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Release - Web Viewer - Programs Addon & Module
eTip Wrote:Get Cyberduck for Mac then connect to your ATV via SFTP. Then you can drag and drop the zip file to ATV.

Okay, I downloaded Cyberduck and the zip file, thank you! Now, what do I do in Cyberduck? Sorry, I know nothing of how to do this stuff but I'm trying!

...found simply by Googling: Cyberduck SFTP apple tv
Thank you for the link, but when I attempt to do this is consistently times out.

I am putting the IP address in the Server filed, then root and alpine in user/pass. I don't get it.
dozens Wrote:Thank you for the link, but when I attempt to do this is consistently times out.

I am putting the IP address in the Server filed, then root and alpine in user/pass. I don't get it.

Are you using the sftp option?
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Yes I am.

Is your ATV on the same network as the Mac?

If so, can you ping the ATV from the Mac?

If so, can you ssh from the Mac to the ATV?
(in terminal, "ssh [email protected]<ip address of ATV>")

If all of the above work then there is likely something wrong with how you are entering the information in Cyberduck. If it doesn't fill in the port for you automatically (I don't currently use Cyberduck) it should be port 22, the userid should be "root" & the password is "alpine".

If you CAN ping the ATV from the Mac but CANNOT ssh to it then it's likely ssh was not installed during jailbreak in which case, you will need to install it. Some of the jailbreak tools provide a method to install ssh separately I believe.
It is on the same network. And I can SSH into it. Now it is saying "Connection Refused". I do put the ATV2's IP address in the Server area, right? And do I need to keep that private or can I post it?
For Cyberduck, you are using port 22, right?

Wait - When you say you CAN ssh into it, you mean that it DOES accept the user id & password & returns a prompt like this:

AppleTV:~ root#

It's not clear to me when you say you are getting "connection refused" if you mean when you SSH or in Cyberduck when you SFTP.

Assuming the IP is in the 192.168.X.X (i.e. or 10.X.X.X (i.e. range then posting it won't hurt but also probably won't help us help you. If you checked the IP in the AppleTV interface can ping it then you have that part right.
Yes, using port 22.

And I can SSH into it using Terminal "ssh [email protected]<atv2 IP address>"

But I get a connection refused using Cyberduck.
If you can SSH, you should be able to SFTP from the same computer. I am downloading Cyberduck on my Mac now to see what you might be missing.
Can you post a screenshot of your Cyberduck window with the ATV info entered?

It should look like this:


(With your ATV IP obviously. That's not from me, just an image I found on the web)


1) open Cyberduck
2) click "Open Connection" (upper left)
3) in the window that pops up, change Protocol to "SSH"
4) for Server, enter IP of your ATV (i.e.
5) Enter "22" for port
6) Enter "root" for username and "alpine" for password.
7) click "connect"
Success! Don't know why, but now it's working! I think it was a problem with my Airport Extreme.

So, now that I am SSH'd into the ATV2, where do I put the script.web.viewer.zip file and what do I do to it?
Put the zip in /var/mobile or a subfolder there. In XBMC, "Home"= /var/mobile. You can delete the zip once it installs.

Then in XBMC: Settings > Addons > Install from zip > Home folder > select the zip > OK

Assuming it installs Ok, to open it: Progams > Addons > Web viewer

.... Now, if you are anything like me once you get it open you will soon discover it's not obvious how the CLOSE it! To do so: Press & HOLD Menu > Options > Settings > check Simple Controls > OK. Now press & hold Menu again > scroll down > Exit Web Viewer. (if there is an easier/better way, I am not aware of it.)
Thank you! BUT I ran into a problem early...

I uploaded the zip to /var/mobile and navigated to it via XBMC, but when I select the file to unzip/install it does not appear to do so and says:

Web Viewer
Dependencies not met

Hope there's an easy fix!
ruuk Wrote:Try this version:


It adds a close option to the menu, and should install fine from the zip I assume.

hi Smile this version didn't work for me Sad crashed xbmc, i use dharma, on ubuntu 11.04. this looks really promising and i hope to see it working, its something missing from xbmc for a while.


20:08:42 T:140192913340160 M:3208335360  NOTICE: -->Python Interpreter Initialized<--
20:08:42 T:140192913340160 M:3207573504  NOTICE: {'unplayed': 'True', 'albums': 'True', 'limit': '6'}
20:08:54 T:140193308350560 M:3163566080   ERROR: Keymapping error: no such action '-' defined
20:08:55 T:140192950388480 M:3163389952   ERROR: Previous line repeats 5 times.
20:08:55 T:140192950388480 M:3163389952  NOTICE: My Music: Scanning for music info using worker thread, operation took 00:14
20:09:09 T:140193308350560 M:3130372096   ERROR: Texture manager unable to load file: /home/server/script.web.viewer-0.7.9.zi$
20:10:19 T:140192921732864 M:3127017472 WARNING: CreateLoader - Unsupported protocol(addons) in addons://more/executable.tbn
20:10:23 T:140192686778112 M:3139248128  NOTICE: -->Python Interpreter Initialized<--
20:10:25 T:140192686778112 M:3137753088  NOTICE: WEBVIEWER: STARTED
20:10:26 T:140192652887808 M:3155021824  NOTICE: http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=XBMC_Online_Manual
20:10:27 T:140192686778112 M:3155062784  NOTICE: WEBVIEWER: displayPage() - START


EDIT: did it with debug on and settings default.... here's the log. could scroll up and down a bit this time and it was only when i pressed right did it crash!
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