Arc Keyboard double tapping for arrow keys
Hello everyone,

I have a 1gen 160gb Apple TV that I've installed XBMC/Boxee on using ATVflash (the newest release).

I bought a Microsoft Arc Keyboard to control the ATV. Using the Keyboard Magic plugin the keyboard works perfect in the general ATV menu.

However when I try using the arrow keys in XBMC, every time I tap once, it sees it as tapping twice. I've read on these boards that it may have something to do with my keyboard setup .xml file, however when I FTP to the apple tv, I find no such file. This problem also occurs in Boxee, but its not just for the arrows, it happens for every key.

Any help would be appreciated.
I have exactly the same problem with the same keyboard which I just bought today. Have you figured out how to fix this?
Nope. I still have the problem. Anyone out there who can help?
@rawood Were you able to figure this out? I have free time today and I was going to look more into it. I think editing the keymap.xml might be the solution, but as of now I can't find the file on my appletv let alone edit it.
Sooo. I've found the keymaps folder after ftping to the appletv. Its:

/Library/Application Support/XBMC/userdata/keymaps/

The folder is empty, but on the keymap.xml wikipage I found a link the default keymaps. Here is the link.

So. I'm going to try to edit this file (with my limited programming knowledge), and then copy the file into that folder. Does anyone know if that should work?

I'll post after I give it a try.
One thing I just noticed. When using the up arrow during media play: it does a long skip forward in the movie AND increases the volume.

When I press up on the apple remote, it only increases the volume. I guess that means the arrow keys on the keyboard are for some reason double mapped and I just need to delete the duplicates in the xml file.
Just found something else new out. If you go to the settings->network->services menu and uncheck 'allow programs on this system to control xbmc' then the keyboard arrows stop the double tap. The only problem is, this makes my apple remote stop working (which I would also like to be usable).

Anyone out there got suggestions?
Anyone out there who can help?

That was some good investigation work. I still haven't figured anything out. I've resigned to using the remote along side the keyboard. I think we will need a developer to take a look at this. I'll take a look around and maybe this warrants a bug report.
rawood - I gave up too. I ended up returning it to best buy and getting the harmony remote. It was nice having a keyboard but I found out that my iphone works well for that.
You can enter text directly with your phone? I have the xbmc remote on my android phone which is great but I have never been able to enter in text.

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