Keep XBMC in Fullscreen

I have a problem with my HTPC scenario.
I use XBMC (latest Dharma) and DVBViewer 4.5 für Live-TV.

I created a menu item (with Advanced Launcher) for DVBViewer but XBMC always minimizes when I launch DVBViewer. How can prevent this?

I just want to keep XBMC in Fullscreen EVERYTIME. DVBViewer ist set to "Always on top", so there's no problem with holding XBMC in Fullscreen for me.


By default XBMC uses DirectX full screen mode. This is the fastest way to show video, but it won't share the display with any other app, so if any other app (e.g. DVBViewer) gets the focus it forces XBMC to minimise.

To change this behaviour go into System settings, System, Video output and enable "Use a fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen". However this mode is slower than true fullscreen and you may notice the difference when viewing video.


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