[REQUEST] Weather from different site than weather.com
Weather in Dharma is tied to weather.com site, but it doesn't have weather from all cities on the world. Is it possible to make script/plugin which will replace default plugin with one from different site?

The simplest I would like to display is to show this on screen:
I think it would be good to use AccuWeather as an option, as it seems to have considerably more cities in all countries..
[Image: widget]

on XBMC 10.1 Dharma
Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS - XBMCLive
from FreeNAS 8.0-Release
yes, we support weather add-ons. badly documented though i'm sure, should be some examples out in the wild.
OK i see in settings of weather that there can be different provider from weather.com. I click "get more" but nothing happens. Can you please be more specific about how to add another provider of weather data?
I see sth about xbmc.python.weather but no example exist.
that's the where. but nobody has written any other services, so you first have to write yourself one...
I'm programmer but I completely don't know how to start. First I don't know if I need plugin or script (I suspect script because plugin has his own menu). I've read I need to learn python - no problem. But I need example of such a script, no weather script exists so I need any other script which is most similair to weather script.
Edit: Ok i defined XML with entrypoint and i see in XBMC my script. It was easy. Now I need to know how weather script provides content. Does it completely replace weather.com and so I need to make GUI?
Weather.gov should provide more than enough information in about any format you want.
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the problem I have is not how to download weather information, but how those information sent to XBMC. Simply doing script xml with entrypoint xbmc.python.weather will cause to show this script in system weather settings and allow to choose it instead of the deafult one weather.com. Now I need the guts - default.py script which download data (seems easy because there are many examples of scrapers) and in some way display those data.
I think that there are some conventions which I need to fulfill to make my script's python code compatible with weather plugins standard.
I suspect that I need to read location form parameters table, and return some form of datatable with weather data. I don't think I need to make full GUI because there would be no sense make entrypoint specifically for weather plugin.
So I need to know where I can read locations and how to return weather data.

Edit: there is already python library for weather checking at
so it seems even simpler.
But I need help how to pass data to xbmc
I know this thread. I downloaded XBMC4XBOX-Weather.zip, but this plugin in one year old and doesn't fit Dharma. It's full featured plugin with his own GUI and doesn't use xbmc.python.weather extension point. I hope using this extensions point allow to only pass data and doesn't need to make GUI
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