how to change the addon icon?
I've replaced the icon.png with a new file, but xbmc still shows the old one. I've tried uninstalling the addon and reinstalling it, but the old icon keeps coming back.

I ended up completely renaming my addon to something different to get it to work. It seems like xbmc was caching the icon, but I dont know where.

Is it something simple I'm overlooking?
its to do with xbmc having an annoying way of caching images. if you completely uninstall and then reinstall xbmc, then install addon, you will see the icon has changed.

there is afaik no way to reload the cache.
I think the copy in .thumbnails is used. Problem is when I deleted that it was not re-generated + it is hard to find so I assume there is a better way.
If you rename a copy of your new icon to the name of the old one in the cache and then overwrite the old with the new it will work, this is how i change some of my actor thumbs.
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The image is in the thumbnails folder.
There is a reference in the textures.db as well.

You could remove the textures.db and remove the thumbnails folder contents and restart XBMC and it'll recache the images. The downside is that it will recache all the images for everything else as well.

more info here -
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