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when you are watching a widescreen dvd/divx on a 4:3 tv you can zoom in a little (but still with black bars on top/bottom) so the movie isn't so small on the tv, you loose a little on the left and right but it's still much better to watch than in widescreen. the "zoom" preset is too much zooming and "strech" is out of the question because it fscks the ar.

before "29-01-2005 added: video settings are saved per-file to the video database." i set up "custom" so it was always about 1.25 zoom and that worked fine for most movies, but now i have to crawl trough the osd for every movie.

i'm fine with the feature that video settings are saved per-file but just add the ability to zoom in/out with the remote up/down buttons trough keymap.xml . it would be so much easier.

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