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I'm a bit of a skin whore and find myself changing skins every now and again. I love Aeon, but the MQ2 variant went a little OTT and slowed down to a snails pace which made me come back to Alaska.

I think Alaska Revisited is great, but with Sickbeard doing all my once hard work, sometimes I don't know which shows have new episodes, so what I was thinking is, could we have something to indicate new episodes are available. This is different to unwatched "old" episodes.

(Yes, I'm aware of recently added area but this is a mix of everything, I want to see it by TV Show)

What about adding an overlay on the TV show level and season level, similar to the tick used to show everything is watched, but add a "new" or something IF a episode has been ADDED to the TV show within the last 3,4,5 days etc? Maybe make it selectable, so people can choose how long to highlight new shows if they dont use XBMC every day. (really, I only use XBMC on my TV these days!)

A google image to illustrate my idea:

What do you guys think? If you use sickbeard to manage them, it does all the work so if I've had a long day, no more checking for releases, but as said, sometimes you may not realise a new show is waiting to be watched!
It would require a script of some sort but it sounds a good idea to me.
Woo hoo!

I've posted a link in skins area one level up so others can see this thread, so maybe someone will jump in and code it if you don't want to take it on Hitcher. Wink

I have only the most basic knowledge of how these things work, but shouldn't think it would be too much of a stretch from the watched / unwatched overlays? Quick db check, if meets criteria, overlay, if not, dont..?
To make the icon less language specific ("new" might be a much longer word in some languages) and be more like the watched overlay, maybe a '!' would work?
I'm sure a compromise could be made. How difficult is it to swap out an icon? I would prefer new, actually really like the one i found on google, but if it is easy to change, people could use their own.
I like this idea, I generally know what days the shows I watch on weekly basis air, but it ould be nice to have a little heads up that the sickbeard and sab have done tall there work and its ready to watch.
I have quite a few shows so couldn't say when they air, but also some shows air sporadically, such as The Event, which has been off air for a very long time, but is back later this month. I'd like to have a little notification to show me its back! Laugh

All we need now is the script... I have no idea at all how to do it, but I will look at the watched / not watched script this weekend to see if I can work it out. I will not be able to add the custom bits like user selectable time frame to show as new, baby steps Big Grin
Apparently this is available in Night skin, using stringcompare.

Would it be a case of simply finding the script in the night skin and dropping it into Alaska?
t2ffn Wrote:Apparently this is available in Night skin, using stringcompare.

Would it be a case of simply finding the script in the night skin and dropping it into Alaska?

Basically you will want Alaska to import the script in addons.xml and add the required functions to the viewtype.
no need for script to do that
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So basically an extension of the old 'Hot' symbol but on the higher levels to show there's new episodes inside?

This do?

[Image: screenshot004xm.jpg]
If I don't expand the pic, it looks like it's giving me the finger. I like it.

That would do it, but what are the criteria for that "hot"? Newly added episodes? How long do they stay "hot"?

Is it a case of swapping out the image for another, if I wanted to use "New" like in first post? I haven't see the flame for some time, has this been taken out of revisted?

The 10 latest, unwatched episodes - anything else will require a new script.

I'd use 'New' but is it universal?
I still vote for a '!' symbol. Reasons:

1) None of the other icons in the skin use text do they? Making this one do would be inconsistent.
2) "New" is not universal and translating it would only work for a few languages where the words are short enough.
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