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[Download] Alaska Revisited - Themes and Backgrounds
a-tom Wrote:ok thx for the answer. so is it in general possible that the alaska revisited skin looks like it is shown at the picture in the second posting in this thread on an atv2? i mean the icons background etc and when yes how? Themes and colors are grayed out in the settings of the appleTV.

I don't own an ATV so I don't know why themes and colors are greyed out. But you can change backgrounds and have custom icons in the horizontal/vertical home screens.

Settings > Alaska > Home Artwork
Allows you to choose a background image or a directory of background images.

Settings > Alaska > Home Options
Allows you to use custom home icons located in a specific folder. Custom icons only work in Horizontal and vertical Home Layouts chosen in Settings > Alaska > Home Styles.

Please be cautious choosing a background image if you cannot change colors since the text will remain in the default colors and may not be readable.
If I wanted to create my own Icons.
What format shall I use (Windows)

And where do I put them?

Is there a template folder/file
User folder - XBMC\addons\skin.alaska.revisited\extras\customicons\README.txt
Hitcher Wrote:User folder - XBMC\addons\skin.alaska.revisited\extras\customicons\README.txt

I'm at work could you possibly pm it to me please.
Hey all,

I've noticed that Angelscry XML is no longer available, also that the SVN version of Alaska Revisited doesn't have any themes included (just colours) personally I'd like to try out angels crys colours or something similar.

I have changed to a dark background, and after doing so noticed that changing to the Aeon theme was no good as the text colour was changed to an almost invisible colour when highlighted against my black backgroun... Angelscrys XML doesn't seem to have that issue.

Are these going to be re uploaded for use with the SVN versions of the skin or are these being made redundant?

Themes are in the SVN.

I only get a default theme but 21 colours to choose from? The colours don't change neither does the wallpaper and Angelscry colours are not included?

I think I may be missing something here Smile
Ah, you'll need to get the skin from my repo as they're not converted into XBTs.

So have I got an older version then? I have Alaska Revisted SVN installed but I don't know if it was specifically installed from our repo?

Will the edits you made to the music library (in the other thread) be included if I remove the skin nd re dd from our repo or will I have to add that manually again?

Updated the skin to the version in your repo... That's solved the theme issue Big Grin

Cheers for that... I just installed the SVN version assuming it was indeed the SVN version Smile

The previous fix for fallback when no library, was not present so I've copied that over...

One final thing Laugh coz I know your starting to hate me now Wink

Is it possible to use the "night" theme but change the main menu "square boxes" to either aeon, aksala, or carbon etc... I love the night them but hate its main menu squares Sad

I tried getting close by setting carbon as a theme, then changing the wallpaper and then changed the colours... But changing the colours, changed the square boxes Sad

Cheers for the advice,
Really appreciate it,

Bug in this version-
When listening to music and CD art is enabled and the milk drop screen saver kicks in (or you manually switch to it) the spinning CD falls outside the Album picture.

It appears that the Album picture is being squished down to perfect square when Infact in the home screen view of the Album picture is more rectangular in shape (taller than they are wide).

Hope that is useful,

[Download] Alaska Revisited - Themes and Backgrounds00