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(windows) xbmc surround sound help
This is my first post so please be gentleBig Grin

I have recently come back to xbmc since the launch of dhrama stable release. First off well done!!!

I was previously using media browser in wmc with ffdshow handling audio, most of my files are avi with mp3 audio, and ffdshow managed to upmix this to my sony av receiver as Dolby digital 3/2.1 with the blue light on. I appreciated this is not really DD sound but it was fairly good.

My issue is I'm try to get the same or similar result in xbmc however no matter what settings I try in xbmc all I get on my reciever is PCM 48. My av reciever can do it's dolby pro logic 2 thing but the sound is no where near as good an the sub is barley audible.

In xbmc audio setting I have hdmi set as output, boost on down mix, ac3 reciever and dts reciever all tickedHuh? Is this rightHuh?

Am I missing something or is this the best I'm gonna get ? I have looked round the forum and couldnt find anything that specifically related to my setup or problem

Thanx in advance for your help

My system connected via hdmi to av reciever then to tv

Windows 7 ultimate

CPU E2200
Motherboard Asrock G43
Graphics card Sapphire 5770 vapour X
Av reciever Sony str 910
Ok people I seem to have fixed it the subwoofer problem....... By turning the volume up on the sub LOL. Nooooooooob!!!!! In my defence we have recently had a power cut and this must have reset the volume on the sub to zero? This must be some sort of Safety feature so you don blow it up lol..... So it didn't matter how much I turned up the av receiver volumes for the sub as the sub volume was set to zero.

My question regarding getting xbmc to convert to ac3 so that my receiver detects it as Dolby digital 3/2.1 on my receiver is still in need of answering thoHuh??
try installing the ac3 filter for windows:

worked for me, but see how you go.

Thanx for the reply steve

I downloaded it and I can now get the required result in wmp and vlc player etc however no such look in xbmc. Still getting PCMHuh? I know xbmc doesn't use external codecs like ffdshow etc does this also apply to this ac3filter?

Or am I not setting it up right? What settings have you set in ac3filter?

Cheers ryan
ac3filter and other directshow based filters/splitters/codecs are not used by XBMC (ignoring DSPlayer) whatsoever. XBMC has no capability to reencode audio to AC3 on the fly currently, though it is a planned feature I believe. If you absolutely must have this in XBMC right now, then look into the DSPlayer builds since those can use ffdshow/ac3filter, but be warned that DSPlayer is not the most friendly thing to use right now:
Thanks for your replies

I guess I'll stick with what I have or I might try the other xbmc version when I have some spare time.


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