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Ember Media Manager - Revisited (Open Source VB.NET Project)
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Project Home:


*Download either 'emm-r v2411_x86.rar' or 'emm-r v2411_x64.rar' according to what OS you use
*To install, unrar files anywhere on PC and run executable.
*Do not download EmberSetup.exe or anything else as they won't work.
*Note: Requires .NET 3.5 Framework

What is Ember Media Manager - Revisited?
EMM-r is a modified version that will allow for new installations and fixes the errors caused from embermm.com being suspended.

Is there anyone working on EMM or EMM-R right now?
As of 23/08/2011, there is no active owner/developer/maintainer

How can I request new bugfixes or new features
Due to the above reason the answer is simple: you can't and please don't do that. Unless someone is taking up again on the project only scraper updates will come

Are you a developer and willing to work on the project?
You probably know what to do in this case, please keep us updated here or if you need any help and suggestion where to start, don't hesitate to ask for some advise here. The user community of EMM is still quite large and active.

Are the default in-built scrapers still working?
The default in-built movie scraper and Rogue's scraper (its successor) are not working quite well as of today due to site changes. Rogue's scraper is still scraping most of the data correctly, but it only scrapes posters at very low quality. The default scraper for TV-Shows is still working properly!

What scrapers shall I use then for movies?
There are an updated IMDb and TMDb scraper available from here:

1. unzip it to your emm/Modules/scraper.EmberCore.XML folder.
2. Enable XML scraper in Settings/Movies/Scrapers both for 'Data' and 'Images & Trailers'
3. Click on 'Populate Scrapers'
4. Select the scraper at the scraper selection
5. Select the desired options (language, plot, etc.)
6. Enable Trailer support at 'Scrapers & Trailers'/'Enable Trailer Support'
7. Check both 'Get During Automated' and Single scrape
6. Disable Native scrapers!

Since there is no project owner and/or active developer currently working on EMM(-r) there is no official support. There is however an active community support, so in case you have issue(s), post your question(s) here in the thread.

Known bugs in EMM's XML Scraper:
*The issues listed here have bad impact on the above linked replacement scraper and these could be only fixed on EMM side
  1. Trailers scraped by the XML scrapers cannot be downloaded automatically in batch during automated scraping. Trailers can only be downloaded using individual/singe movie scrape. Otherwise, during automated scraping only the trailer links get injected to the NFOs instead of downloading them.
  2. EMM doesn't utilize trailer links passed over by the XML scraper if it is not begin with 'http://'. Due to this reason, it is not possible to use 'plugin://' format which would be needed to force XBMC to play trailers from youtube with its youtube plugin.
  3. Original titles passed over to EMM in <orginaltitle> tag by the XML scraper doesn't get recognized
  4. Sort title gets set by EMM even if it isn't necessary
  5. <country> tag gets cut by EMM even if the XML scraper is passing this over to it
  6. <top250> tag gets cut by EMM even if the XML scraper is passing this over to it
Hi, and thanks for stepping up and help us!

I get this when scraping a tv show:
on Win7 x86

Also, a lot of info in missing from Movies when scraped with default settings ...

but Scrape Full Cast did the trick Wink
Tuscani, Thanks alot for taking this on. I think everyone appreciates everything your stepping up to do!
sergiocos Wrote:I get this when scraping a tv show:
on Win7 x86

check to see if ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll is in the root dir of EMM
Glad to see that EMM is alive. I am a big fan of this Media Manager.
Thanks for carrying EMM on... does your EMM Revisited come with Rouge's scraper? It works really well...
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tuscani Wrote:check to see if ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll is in the root dir of EMM

I had the same exact error. That dll was NOT in the root dir (was not included with your release). As soon as I moved it from an older copy of EMM into the root of your release, it fixed scraping tv shows and the error no longer comes up.

Also had to enable scraping full cast in order to get the movies to scrape all the info properly. Works great now!

Sometimes getting this error when I make a change in my settings and click OK. It still appears to save the settings though. Running with administrator in win7-32.

Quote:Title: Error
Message: The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine
StackTrace: at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
at EmberAPI.HTTP.PostDownloadData(String URL, List`1 postDataList)
Date/Time: 1/16/2011 12:45:12 AM

Title: Error
Message: Access to the path 'C:\Program Files\Ember Media Manager\AdvancedSettings.xml' is denied.
StackTrace: at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
at System.IO.FileStream.Init(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, Int32 rights, Boolean useRights, FileShare share, Int32 bufferSize, FileOptions options, SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES secAttrs, String msgPath, Boolean bFromProxy)
at System.IO.FileStream..ctor(String path, FileMode mode, FileAccess access, FileShare share)
at System.Xml.XmlTextWriter..ctor(String filename, Encoding encoding)
at System.Xml.XmlDocument.Save(String filename)
at EmberAPI.AdvancedSettings.Save()
Date/Time: 1/16/2011 12:52:52 AM

Thanks again for updating this, it was hell for the past week not being able to use EMM.
Hey, there was a change on how the database stores runtime (duration) on XBMC, ember stores it as

<duration> 123 mins </duration>

XBMC expects it to be


Can you address this issue?
It's a good notice.

Thanks for that.

Keep walking!
Just grabbed this and it will not scape a single film. All of them are in black, even when i do a manual scrape it fails

any ideas
Great to see this happening Smile

Tuscani, thanks for doing this. Just FYI...

The original EMM source code is still available at: http://code.google.com/p/embermediamanager/ at version 2385 (first EMM-r version).

You can also download the source (v2385 of original EMM) in a compressed .zip file from: Mediafire link

To compile from source with VS Express, download the batch file I wrote or copy the following code, save it in Notepad as a "whatever".bat file in the same directory as the "Ember Media Manager - ALL.sln" file:

::This copies all of the files necessary to build EMM with VS Basic Express according to
@ECHO off
ECHO Prep for EMM Build
ECHO Place this file in the root of the EMM source code
ECHO (same folder as file "Ember Media Manager - ALL.sln")
SET svnroot=%CD%
ECHO Working Directory is %svnroot%
ECHO 1. x86 Build
ECHO 2. x64 Build
SET choice=
SET /p choice=Enter selection:
if not '%choice%'=='' set choice=%choice:~0,1%
if '%choice%'=='1' GOTO x86
if '%choice%'=='2' GOTO x64
ECHO "%choice%" is not valid please try again
GOTO start

ECHO x64 Build Prep...
XCOPY "%svnroot%\Release Files\Langs" "%svnroot%\Build\x64\Release\Langs\" /E /Y
XCOPY "%svnroot%\Release Files\Images" "%svnroot%\Build\x64\Release\Images\" /E /Y
XCOPY "%svnroot%\Release Files\Themes" "%svnroot%\Build\x64\Release\Themes\" /E /Y
XCOPY "%svnroot%\Release Files\x64" "%svnroot%\Build\x64\Release\" /E /Y
XCOPY "%svnroot%\Build\x64\Release\ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll" "%svnroot%\Build\x64\Release\Modules" /Y

ECHO x86 Build Pre...
XCOPY "%svnroot%\Release Files\Langs" "%svnroot%\Build\x86\Release\Langs\" /E /Y
XCOPY "%svnroot%\Release Files\Images" "%svnroot%\Build\x86\Release\Images\" /E /Y
XCOPY "%svnroot%\Release Files\Themes" "%svnroot%\Build\x86\Release\Themes\" /E /Y
XCOPY "%svnroot%\Release Files\x86" "%svnroot%\Build\x86\Release\" /E /Y
XCOPY "%svnroot%\Build\x86\Release\ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll" "%svnroot%\Build\x86\Release\Modules" /Y


XCOPY "%svnroot%\trunk\SubWCRev64.exe" "%svnroot%" /Y
XCOPY "%svnroot%\trunk\SubWCRev.exe" "%svnroot%" /Y

Running the batch file will copy all of the necessary files for the original EMM to compile or run, thereby removing all of the "SQLite" errors at runtime (posted earlier in this thread).

Hope that helps.
I wish there was cross platform media manager like EMM.
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fr500 Wrote:Hey, there was a change on how the database stores runtime (duration) on XBMC, ember stores it as

<duration> 123 mins </duration>

XBMC expects it to be


Can you address this issue?

Minutes still work fine for me in Dharma 10
Nope not here not in confluence nor shade.... Wonder what's going on, also if I scrape from XBMC it does work then if I export the nfos always have durationinseconds.

Myabe it's skin related?
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