ronie Wrote:on linux 32 bit, it crashes xbmc:

Thank you for your report!!!

Could you give this file a try:
idefixs Wrote:Thank you for your report!!!

Could you give this file a try:

yup, that one works without a problem. :-)
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ronie Wrote:yup, that one works without a problem. :-)

Thanks again! Released at
Hi idefixs

Is this plugin windows compatible? iv tried installing from the .zip addon but it dosent do anything (no installation). when manually placing it in the addon folder, it refuses to show in xbmc. iv tried the 32bit version and 64bit version (3.2.2 and 3.2.3). The repository option is accesable in xbmc but when navigating into it theres no addons to download.

Im running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit but xbmc for windows only runs as 32bit.

I really hope I can get this running. It looks great.

how about you read the threadHuh
Please elaborate. iv read it from first to last post twice.

Sure, it says its only tested on Linux, but doesn't state what platforms its expected to run on.
including the post where i say 'it should be easy to port to windows' ? guess what that implies.
so why is he asking for testing on other platforms if it hasn't been ported to anything but Linux yet?
There is a windows binary in the ZIP file, but - as spiff pointed out - it is untested. To answer your question, it is supposed to run on 32-bit OpenGL Windows XBMC. Unfortunately, I do not have any Windows machines to develop and test on. If someone would like to port fishBMC to DirectX, I would be delighted!
Thanks idefixs

Iv downloaded the fische and found a windows binery but thats not the same as fishBMC is it? it didnt work anyway. it just opens with a black screen and a circular progress graphic and freezes when the graphic completes 360 degrees. as far as the goes, I could not find any windows binery but still, shouldn't the addon be seen in xbmc and be runnable from there, not just by running an exe file external to XBMC.

As for porting this to DX, thats beyond my abilities, but I am more than willing to test and report on any DX ports.


PS. im not quite clear on the whole DX /openGL thing. if xbmc is running in DX, does that mean OpenGL can't run until xbmc is closed or can openGL run on top of DX?
You're right, fische is something entirely different. It's a standalone sound visualization program. fishBMC was forked off fische and the only thing they have in common today is the basic principle of the animation.

I strongly suspect OpenGL and Direct3D cannot coexist at runtime - but then again, I don't know much about Windows and/or DirectX.
no, gl and dx cannot coexist. wingl is deprecated, if it works, it's by chance..
I have received a report that fishBMC fails to start on XBMC11. There's an undefined reference to ADDON_Create().

Appears Create() has been renamedHuh
Is there some kind of summary of Addon API changes?
not really, but just add ADDON_ in front of all them methods and you're good.

we had to due to namespace clashes.
Would it be sufficient to leave the methods as they are, and write wrappers with the ADDON_ naming scheme? This way compatibility with XBMC10 would not be broken...

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