Back Row and TV Tunes Script
Kissell Wrote:Weird, it finally started working... I don't know what I did differently.

I copied an mp3 file into a TV folder and left both the theme.mp3 and the new one which was named the same as the folder itself... i tried it, and it worked, then everything else worked too... although the volume was way down, so had to adjust that...

I noticed a bug, TV shows with ampersands like Law & Order and Mike & Molly won't download a theme.mp3 from within XBMC's tv tunes addon. The menu won't come up, you just have to hit escape to get out...

I home I can get this working on the apple tv too... I really like it. Worth downloading all these mp3 files individually, a way to batch it would be great, but still worth it if not.

Oh excellent - glad it's started working for you.

You could highlight the bug you found to in the TVTune addon thread they should be able to fix that.

Also I think there is a batch mp3 download option within skin options. - I'm at work right now so can't check but have a look and see if you can find it.
I can't find anything about batching... I went in and manually did about 100 episodes... only to find out they didn't all work...

Everything from one source seems to work... I have another source as another folder on the same drive with the same file permissions... that folder didn't save the theme.mp3 files until later in the alphabet when tvtunes crashed XBMC and I had to restart it, then it saved every theme.mp3 after that...

Sad I have to redo them again I guess... This is what I was originally seeing, it would say it downloaded the theme.mp3, but the file doesn't exist anywhere on the drive... it's like it downloads it, plays it, then forgets to save it.
Yep, this is exactly what happened to make me thing it doesn't work... it downloads the mp3, plays it, then never saves it anywhere... so that's why when I would go into a show the music wouldn't play... however, if I download the file from and save it in that folder as theme.mp3, then everything works and plays just fine... so really it's a bug with the addon saving the file... it plays just fine, I just need to use the website to fetch them.
Sounds like a permissions thing perhaps?

On batching have you tried running the addon from within the "programs" option on the home screen?

I would post your issues in the tvtunes addon thread though - I imagine they should be able to help you more.
Was trying to change exit icon and saw that it did not work and found the problem: (using latest build unless there was a new one since I posted my updated anime mod)
<item id="9">
                        <icon fallback="My Apps.png">$INFO[Skin.String(ProgramsIcon)]</icon>
                        <thumb fallback="My Apps.png">$INFO[Skin.String(ProgramsIcon)]</thumb>
                        <onclick condition="!Skin.HasSetting(Wallpaper) + !Skin.HasSetting(Default Wallpaper)">SetFocus(31)</onclick>
                     <item id="26">
                        <label>$LOCALIZE[13012] XBMC</label>
                        <icon fallback="Shutdown.png">$INFO[Skin.String(ProgramsIcon)]</icon>
                        <thumb fallback="Shutdown.png">$INFO[Skin.String(ProgramsIcon)]</thumb>

in gui settings:
<setting type="string" name="skin.back-row.ShutdownIcon">C:\Users\Public\Pictures\quit.png</setting>

Changing ProgramsIcon to ShutdownIcon in the correct lines fixes the problem.
Good spot - thanks ZERO <ibis>
Yea I kept changing it over and over but finally I said ok time to take a look at the code b/c the other ones I changed worked fine lol.
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