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Complete newb, need help
I'm trying to create a button on the home screen for Apple Movie Trailers.....

I've read that it is not possible to use the amt plugins. I have to use the script, is that right? If so, I don't know at all what to do. I don't even know where to get the script. I'm a fast learner, but most of the FAQ's leave out the small stuff that a newb like myself would need to know in order to make this stuff work. Please help.......
Here, I modified the necessary file for you. Just copy it in 720p folder. Be sure to backup the original file first. If you modified already that file, take a look at line 449.
The AMT script you can get from Nuka1195's unofficial repository, here. Then go to video addons/get more... and install it from there. Good luck.
reFocus - Simply the best
Thanks very much..... I appreciate it
Well, unfortunately, that didn't make any sense at all. Like I said, I'm a noob and need clear and concise explanations as to what it is I'm doing. Your home.xml file is completely different from mine at the top. Maybe this is due to us using different skins? I'm not sure why, but I'm not sure that I want to insert a file that is totally different. I simply want someone to help me understand what it is that I need to do. Please don't just do it for me, instead, please explain.
I'm running PH3 HD skin if that will help
I do apologize.....It did fix the issue, thanks for the help bro. I did lose the functionality of the Login screen showing my photos I made for each login. I'm going to try to figure it out. I know what the problem was. I was changing the home.xml in the programs folder, not the roaming folder.

Complete newb, need help00