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Hey everybody,

I have a strange problem since migrating my database to use in portable mode. Picture Thumbs are not displayed anymore.

Here's what the debug log says:

13:52:56 T:4528 M:1709854720   DEBUG:   msg: PICTURE::LoadImage: Unable to open image: special://masterprofile/Thumbnails/e/e95299bd.JPG Error: (2)
13:52:56 T:4528 M:1709854720   ERROR: Texture manager unable to load file: special://masterprofile/Thumbnails/e/e95299bd.JPG

Any ideas about this?
Assuming the (2) in the debug log is the Win32 error code, it means "File not found". Check to see if the file special://masterprofile/Thumbnails/e/e95299bd.JPG exists. You can find out what folder special://masterprofile/ refers to from the top of the log. I'd try copying the thumbnails from your old profile.

hey jhsrennie,

thanks alot for your answer.

Indeed, the files that cannot be accessed here are not in my masterdata directory (it is my correct Thumbnails directory, but the files that are not displayed are missing. Others are shown correctly).

I think it would be best just to re-generate everything. Can you tell me how to achieve that? I tried to rename the thumbnail directory but that didn't work. It re-generated some of those thumbs, but many others not.

This is how it looks:


Any ideas?

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