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[RELEASE] PseudoTV Addon: Virtual EPG and TV Channel Surfing Script
Sranshaft Wrote:Okay, a quick update as to what is happening. The addon starts and displays the updating channel list. I can see the playlist is loaded and the first episode is loaded but paused. Pressing play starts the episode but with only audio. There is no video and the Updating Channel List dialog is still visible. Pressing stop changes the dialog text to View: List. Canceling the dialog has no effect and I have to force quit XBMC.

This is the exact behavior I experience.
I have windows 7 64-bit, XBMC RC2 if that helps.
I've tested this on Windows 7 as well as OS X, so I don't think it's OS specific.

@Sranshaft: Please get the newest stable-pre branch version from the repository, and then get the debug log. Thanks for helping me narrow this down.

@TheOddLinguist: What do you mean when you say "movies in sets"?
I don't know how this relates to the problems others are having, but to confirm my suspicion, I created a smart playlist that would include movies that are and aren't in sets; the add-on froze. When I removed the movies in sets, leaving a list of just movies, the channel was created successfully and the add-on loaded just fine.

I'll keep looking into it, I suppose...and I know that doesn't relate to the apparent issues some are having with episode playlists, but I thought I'd let you know.
@Jason102: I have some movies organized in sets so they show up together in the list. http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Movie_Sets

So, for instance, I have all the Harry Potter movies in a "Harry Potter" set. (...mostly so that it only takes up one space in my full Movies list) Then, I can click "Harry Potter", and I'm shown a new list of just the Harry Potter movies.
Thanks. As I have (obviously) not tested movie sets, stay away from them at the moment.
@Jason102: That's fine. That may not even be the problem, but it is something I can consistently reproduce.

So, I have three playlists:

Sitcoms (Channel_1) - limited to 10 episodes of a few selected shows
Other Shows (Channel_2) - limited to 10 episodes a few different shows
Some Movies (Channel_3) - a few movies

The Some Movies playlist works when the options are:

Match one or more of the following
- Title is A Christmas Story
- Title is Airplane
- Title is Ocean's Eleven

When I add "Title contains Back to the Future", this includes the three BTTF movies, which are in a "Back to the Future" set. With this rule included, the add-on hangs on the channel list building screen.

Here are some debug logs:

The former setup, which works: http://pastebin.com/w7HUAib4
The latter setup, which does not: http://pastebin.com/34vUEctG

Hope that helps...let me know if you need anything else.
That's perfect, and thanks for adding a bug report. I created a movie set and was able to reproduce the problem. Not sure how to actually work with movie sets at the moment in my script, but in the short term I can at least prevent the freeze.
Jason102 Wrote:I've tested this on Windows 7 as well as OS X, so I don't think it's OS specific.

@Sranshaft: Please get the newest stable-pre branch version from the repository, and then get the debug log. Thanks for helping me narrow this down.

Installed the pre stable release and I'm still experiencing the same issue.

Here's a full debug lo for you. I couldn't see any major issues with it but you might. http://pastebin.com/XhqLzchL

Anything I can do to help is no problem. I really would love to see this working! Laugh
Thanks Sranshaft, that really helps. I may know the issue...I'll run a couple of tests and hopefully fix it inside of an hour.
Ok! I believe I've figured out the issue that the Windows users where having, and I've (kinda) resolved the issue with movie sets. Movie sets still don't work, exactly (the movies won't show up in the channel), but at least the thing won't freeze. It's a start.

Version 0.1.2
Jason102 Wrote:Ok! I believe I've figured out the issue that the Windows users where having

Just about to give it a try. I've got fingers and toes crossed.

Update: We have success! Going to play with it for a bit before I give any real feedback but a couple things jumped out at me.

1. I have 2 channels setup but it repeats those 2 channels infinitely. I'd like to only see 1 entry in the channel list per channel. This may be a skin issue so I'll look into that further when I start to code one for reFocus.

2. Is there a way to limit changing the channel and not the individual show.

3. Channel logos! I'd love to assign a logo to each channel.

4. This is in regards to skinning but is there a way to return the episode thumbnail for use in the EPG?

Anyway...this is great stuff. Thanks for your effort in getting this to work for us Windows users! I really appreciate it.
Excellent, glad things are working.

1. Yea, this is just a side-effect of how I display the EPG...no skin fix will change that. I'd certainly be willing to try and resolve this if I could think of a good solution. So any suggestions are welcome.

2. I'm not sure what you're asking here. Can you please explain?

3. Yep, it's on the to-do list.

4. Not sure about this one. I know very little about skinning, so I don't know the best way to do things. In fact, the buttons are just the default, and their size and positions are defined in code and not the skin. This is an area I need to research a bit more.
@Jason102: I don't know if you saw, but I forked your repo in Github and have been playing around.

I'm not a Python developer, per se...but I was playing around with setting the channels in the addon settings. It's not a very elegant solution (due to both my inexperience in Python and the--rather strict--limitations of settings.xml).

Anyway, if you want to see my ramble-equivalent thoughts, you can see what I did in the settings branch of my fork. It's not merge-worthy code or anything, but I thought you'd like to know.
Jason102 Wrote:2. I'm not sure what you're asking here. Can you please explain?

I'm talking about the EPG. At the moment, I can skip ahead a couple hours, hit enter and it'll start playing that show. What I would imagine happening is something similar to Tivo or an actual EPG where I can see what's coming up and if I want to watch it, it'll set a reminder for that show when it's about to start.

I would prefer to limit changing the show to only the currently playing shows.

On a different note...I've noticed some weird behavior with the playback when switching shows. Is it supposed to restart the show even though the show should be halfway over?

Also, there are times when the EPG says it should be one show when it plays a different one. I'll get a debug log when these things happen again for you.

Worked a little today on skinning this for reFocus. This is where I'm at but I'll need a little help in getting a few things fixed. I know you said you weren't 100 percent on the skinning aspects so I hope someone else might be able to help.

A couple things that we need as a skinner:

I need a way to determine which channel is selected and display a different image.

The ability to adjust the position of the episode titles. Even if we can only adjust them collectively per channel, at the least we would need to be able to change the width, height and x / y position.

The ability to change the font of the episode titles.

The ability to be able to get the season and episode number of the show.

As mentioned before, not really high on the list but it'd be great to be able to use the thumbnail of the episode.

Edit: For the Channel Overlay, I'd love to be able to display the currently playing show information when changing channels.
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