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[RELEASE] PseudoTV Addon: Virtual EPG and TV Channel Surfing Script
Really like the script. spent a little time incorporating it into a skin I am working on.
just a start
I would like to add studio logos, also tv logo or clearart.
Is it possible to show also season and episode number?
Even better to show them in the EPG box and not just description above...
@TheOddLinguist: I actually thought about doing that sort of thing, as well. I didn't know how to actually set the visibility like that, though. My only concern with doing it this way would be purely the number of settings items. Currently, the user can have up to 999 channels...I can't imagine scrolling through even 40 or 50 in the settings window. If it could be broken up, though, into categories...perhaps 1-10, 11-20...maybe that would make it a bit more manageable. Not sure if categories can take the visibility flag...but it's a thought. What do you think?

@Sranshaft: This is a good list of things for me to start looking at. This script would definitely benefit from the skills of a skinner, so I'll make an effort and figure some of these out. You're last point about the channel overlay...that is on the to-do list, so it'll come eventually.

@bridgman: Looks good! I did the easiest sort of thing I could, but I have no skinning ability at all. Can't wait to use something made by someone who knows what they're doing!

@psike: Hmm, hadn't thought of that. Not a bad idea...I'll think about it.
@Sranshaft: I don't think I want to limit the EPG from actually playing a show that is in the "future". That's part of the appeal of the media center...play what you want when you want. Since I am able to play a show in the future, if the user wants to do it then I will. Now, perhaps the ability to choose to set some sort of reminder is a good idea...

When you change channels, it should start playing at the proper time, pretty much never at the beginning. So if it's always starting at the beginning for you then there is some issue. How are you changing channels? Arrow up and down? Or selecting a different show from the EPG? Even from the EPG, if the show is "currently playing" it should start in the middle. This may also explain the behavior of playing the wrong show. If you can get some more information that would be helpful.
@Jason102: Yeah, I'm no expert on the subject, but that's the same exact thought I had. This is the inelegance of which I spoke. Ideally, it'd be something like smart playlists have for rules, allowing you to add/edit/delete channels. However, this does not appear to be an available option for settings.xml.

There may be some clever way to make it both clean and useful, but I haven't thought of it yet. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about it.
-channel based on mixed playlist also not working.

-channel based on music videos playlist works, but no info is showing up for the EPG.
@psike: Yea, I knew about mixed playlists. I really want these to work, but I have yet to figure out how to do it correctly. I hadn't thought about music videos...good to know it at least partially works. I guess I should download some of these and figure it out.
This is incredible! I've been thinking about this feature for a long time, and a few days ago I actually requested it - now this shows up! Can't wait to try it when I get home!

I already have one request, though: would it be at all possible to integrate the EPG with the one already made for the pvr-testing branch (is it fork now?)? I don't think it is... Wink
@PiNCH: I'll certainly check it out. Not sure whether I'll be able to use the existing EPG (or if I even want to), but it may help with my questions about skinning.
Sweet! There's a precompiled build here if you're interested...
A couple of problems i've had:

some channels i've set up would list some tv show episode, but when i click on it and press play, it would play a different tv show episode altogether.

there are some blank entries in the epg, clicking on them plays a movie/episode.

problem more of a smart playlist problem, but somtimes they dont seem to be random at all (with random option selected). I sometimes see the same tv show repeated 2/3 times even though there are lots of different tv shows to choose from.

btw, does anyone know if the tv studio field is something that is saved in the database? how do skins know a tv show if broadcast on a certain channel?
The reason I am asking is it would be nice to be able to create for example a HBO channel.
@moontan77: I think that channel information is usually stored in the "Studio" field, which doesn't seem to be available for episode smart playlists. I ran into this when trying to do the same thing.
Sounds like a similar problem as the one Sranshaft is having. If you use the arrow keys up and down to change channels, do the videos always start at the beginning?
just pressed down on the remote and the channels i tried did not start at the beginning.
Which is exactly what's expected, as it should work. So what you're seeing appears to be limited to selecting shows from the EPG.

Just to make sure I understand, you're saying that you select an item from the EPG and it won't necessarily play the correct show? Or are you saying that the channel is composed of shows / episodes that you didn't want.
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