Lost some text in skin and other small problems
I when to use XBMC yesterday (with BackRow) and noticed several small problems
1. When you navicated to the Movies submenu, the text to the Recently added menu item and the menu item to its left did not have any text. It still highlighted and reacted corrected when selected but no text.
2. If you brought up a movie info, the text to the Cienma Experience button was also missing.
3. Probably unrelated but when looking at movies on the wall view, usually an info box pops up if you hover over the movie for a short bit. I have two recently added movies where no info box pops up.

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What version of the skin are using? Without knowing more I would imagine it's the SVN and something got mangled when it updated. Try downloading the latest up to date version and see if you still get those issues. I'm not getting the same issues here.
Sorry for not giving you alll of the info. It is the SVN version.

When I exited XBMC and came back in, the text was correctly displayed so the behavior is something that changes at some point when XBMC is running.

Would a log be useful for this problem?

I will wait for a while to see if it happes again. At which point, I will try to update to the latest upto date version.
Cool - hopefully it was just a problem with it updating whilst using the skin - that can happen sometimes - especially as the most recent update changed the fonts around a bit.
Although the text to the menu items reappears, I decide to uninstall and reinstall the SVN versino of BackRow to determin if the problem with the Movie info pop up not appearing persistented. I switched to the regular version of BackRow, uninstalled the SVN version and reinstalled it.

With the regular version of BackRow, the Movie info pop up works as expected. With the SVN version though, for some movies, the pop-up Movie info box does not appear. The movie I noticed this on doesn't have a plot.
Ah right - yep it currently doesn't display if there's no plot - I'd used that to deal with Movie Sets (where there was no plot or codec info) but I've found another way since then. I'll be dealing with that soon.
Thanks for the update. I wanted to make you aware of a possible issue I am experiencing with XBMC and Home Cinema Experience (and the BackRow skin probably only becuase that is the skin I always use).


I really don't know if this is an XBMC or HCE problem but something is going on.
Yes like I mentioned I am 99% certain those issues are caused by the svn skin auto updating. It doesn't like it when it updates the skin that you are currently using. I would disable auto updating for a bit and see if it stops playing up.
I missing the detail reagaring autoupdating. Will disable tonight and confirm if it makes a difference.
I just wanted to confirm that auto-updating was the cause of the problem.
It's really a shame this is happening. I remember reading the change in XBMC where it said something about a change that xbmc would unload skin from memory before applying the new svn skin changes to the directory to help avoid problems being caused with a skin update, but that doesn't look like it's still fixed the issues. Course, depending on user's that might not be using the newest and latest could be what's causing it too if they are using a version with that not in it.
I always recommend to just grab a daily from GIT. I HATED GIT myself, but honestly after setting it up, it's not bad and you get used to things like not being able to look at an svn log using the older svn log maker method, you just use the tortoiseGIT function which works good enough. Almost just as easy to use as SVN thanks to TortoiseGIT.
I also build new skin versions from our svn directly since sometime's i need to see graphic's changes frequently when making them, so this is good to know when our users are having issues with XBMC svn of our skin. I'm glad you make downloadable versions for the users Sharpe, this helps out until they get the little kinks out of the system they are obviously having. Thanks!!
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