TV Show thumbnail not showing up
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This box in all of my TV shows shows nothing. Do I manually download these from If so, what folder do I put them into?

Thanks in advance!
there should be a tbn file named exactly like the episode name.
Dont know if XBMC Scraper do this.
I use Ember Media Manager for things like this.
thanks! It also doesn't show up when scrolling through tv shows also. Do I put a file with the show name also?
the normal cirrus dont have a poster or similar in TV Rightlistview.
For now you must use mods.
In Sinus Mod you can use widethumbs and in Extended Mod you can use Banners.
Extended Mod 1.1 will have Poster,Banner and Widethumbs(release these days)in Rightlist
you need
folder.jpg for Poster
banner.jpg for Banner
landscape.jpg for Landscape
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