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[WIP] XBMC Beginners Guide (PDF)
lesgriffin Wrote:Could someone tell me where the .pdf is please!
Look at the first post and you will find it.
Looks good but where is the advanced guide? Ie for xbmc live?
Very nice guide.
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i`m looking for the "Advanced User Manual" which is noticed on Page 36 of the Beginners Guide.
Where can i download the Advenced User Manual?
Nice document! You deserve big compliments about the quality of writing.

As an XBMC newby, I have to say that this guide doesn't suite my needs.
This is more a reference to my lack of patience, as more often I find the practical approach the fastest/easiest way. What I'm looking for is for example a keystroke/shortcut table. I would use the guide for troubleshooting purposes tho.
For my girl however, this document could be the perfect manual/reference guide.

In some previous postings was mentioned that we should pick this up as a community project. If someone can tell me how..I would be pleased to be involved.
This way I can make my contribution to this awesome OS and have a decent documentation laying next to it.

Some suggestions...
- Create specific 'HowTo' for installation instructions.
This way you can make the beginners guide more generic on XBMC's functionality's.
- Remove none XBMC related content. For example the Audio output details section.
- Create some more bullets/section headers for a more 'screenable' document.

Keep up the good job!

- please note that English is not my native language.
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This is a great guide, thanks for your efforts, & hope that you finish it off
what ever happened to the guide I wonder
coffeeman Wrote:what ever happened to the guide I wonder

You are kidding me?
The first post =
Quote:You can download it HERE. PDF File (hosted by RapidHost)
or here. PDF File (hosted by vanOert.)

Can we now get a "Beginners guide to reading forums now please!?".
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Thank you man awesome Smile
gollumscave Wrote:Hi all....

I've recently started to work on a XBMC manual and soon discovered it is so rich in options that I had to write 2 manuals... A Beginners Guide...

Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put into this. The Beginners Guide has helped me immensely!

Thanks for the great write up. I hurredly set up my first instance and was frustrated with the lack of TV shows being listed and general clumsyness of the skin.

After working through your tut it all makes sence now! Thanks!!

My list is looking much better. Though now a slight hick-up with one of my tv shows not playing!
I've installed everything perfectly and I have the Apple TV Connected through LAN to my Router. Regular quality movies work fine, but once I play a HD 720p movie it lags!
what can I do to fix this? Open ports through the router? if so, how?
Guess who's back ;-)

No, opening ports on your router will not make playback smoother...
What probably is the case in your setup is DXVA being enabled or disabled while it should/shouldn't.
I am not near an XBMC setup at the moment, so please forgive me if I'm not too accurate...
It's the first option i believe in the video settings. Something called "enable DXVA (2) hardware acceleration or sounds like that, really can't remember..

Will be working on the guide again, Eden this time, and will be making instruction videos as well... No ETA, done when it's done...
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Just want to say thanks for your guide.

Im at the absolute newb stage of XBMC and this guide is absolutely awesome !!!

Thank you very much for your time & effort
how can I get this guide? can someone send it to me? My email is [email protected]
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[WIP] XBMC Beginners Guide (PDF)7
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