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HP MCE IR reciever is here a little help please
Lirc..... Okay thats just pushed my noob linux skills too far.

Any quick solution to getting the HP IR reciever to work with my Harmony remote?

Thanks for the help I have just spent ages on google and trying to get it to work. Seems to be a lack of simple instructions out there!

With XBMC Live you plug in the IR receiver. That is it for the HTPC side.

With the Harmony you tell it to be a Microsoft Windows Media Center remote, then when you set up the activity for XBMC manually go and configure each button for use with XBMC. That last part is often skipped because you don't have to do that step for things like DVD players.
I take it that this is XMBC-Live?

I just did this a week ago (Harmony 880 + XMBC Linux + HP IR Receiver), and my issue was that lirc didn't see my IR receiver as, well, an IR receiver. I had to edit a file.

Once I did that, I told the Harmony that I had a Windows MCE, and everything jsut worked. I didn't have to set up anything in xbmc otherwise.

See my post here:

The first thing that I would do is go to a terminal and run "irw" and then press buttons on the remote and see if anything comes across. If things do happen, great! There's just a small config issue with either the remote or xbmc.

If nothing comes across, then you may have to grab some files and add your specific receiver to it, as detailed in the posts I reference in the other thread.
I also read that with XBMC Live you may need to change a setting to properly use Harmony as MCE Remote. Rolleyes

I feel like there is so much contradicting and outdated information on the forums regarding IR receivers and remotes. I guess because there are a ton of different products available.

I think I am going to listen to poofy on this one. His experience and advice has not failed me yet! Big Grin

I am assuming the HP IR receiver can be plug-n-play and then you can program your Harmony through the software to get the buttons to do everything you want... a nice list of common button setups would be kind of neat to see Wink

[I have also heard that the Mac version of Harmony software does not allow configuring MCE as an option... I sure hope this is false]
I am not on live, its installed on Ubuntu 10.10.

I will have a go at it again when I have the patience!

For the time being I am using my android as a remote which is pretty good, just not for the wife!
The Mac Harmony software has the same options as the Windows one.
Thanks! I should have updated this after you clarified that for me in another thread Big Grin
Can you please post the screenshot of your Logitech Harmony button configurations?!

Also, did you need to change the remote.xml file and modify button mappings? Huh
Thread revival, I never did get around to getting this sorted I took the easy android route!

I find myself with some time to try and get this working now, everything on the harmony side is setup.

The problem lies with lirc, when I run irw I get no response.

What I need to do first is completely remove lirc and associated files as I tried that many different ways to get it working I cant remember what!

I spent ages last night trying to get this to work again with no avail, kept getting stuck at rmmod/modules.

Anyhow I have just booted up the server and its working!

I have absolutely no idea what I did to fix it, ahh well at least its working.
I need some advice... again.

Long story short I have swapped over to xbmclive. Of course my remote wouldnt work as I expected, I have done all the steps and the buttons are working in irw (although one click registers three times).

My harmony is still setup and was working on my previous install, however doesnt seem to be working in xbmc live. Have I missed something I presumed once working in irw that it would work in xbmc live.

Also on a separate side issue I need to auto mount 4 hard drives. there are non showing in fstab.

Thanks for any help!
Sorted remote again!

Still struggling with automounting my drives or just plain old mounting them.
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