[REQUEST] CouchPotato / SickBeard full control script from within XBMC?

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More simple but not working. It is using a path that no longer exists http://localhost:8081/api/shows/

But if we change the code to
f = urllib.urlopen("http://localhost:8081/home/")

We get the shows in html....a small matter to process this?
Will json help with this or what is up with that?

show = json.loads(f.read())
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Maniaczm Offline
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Found this thread a while back and I also wanted this functionality so I started looking at the Sickbeard API and figured I'd give creating a plugin a shot. So here is the link to the initial release of the Sickbeard XBMC plugin I created:


Feel free to post any question/comments/ideas in the release thread, thanks!
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OccupyCouch Offline
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This still requires that you pay for a usenet service and install Sickbeard on a computer/server, right?
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