2.1 Available + Github Repo

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Crookas Offline
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Howdy All
Check the release thread first post to download version 2.1 - let me know what you think but personally I love the new media flags!

As usual I've made more changes to recently added and I thing I'm finally getting close to something I'm happy with Smile

My apologies to Malexx and Butchabay - I haven't included any of your mods yet as I've been just polishing a few things up. My next move is to start adding in some of your mods (I have the skin settings extras section ready to get started). I may need advice from you two when I start incorporating your mods as most of them I don't personally use (app launchers and the like). I also intend to address a few other issues that have popped up in this forum such as the hard to see page count.

Another exciting development is I that have finally got my sh!t together and have a github repo up and running so you guys can keep updated with the latest changes/bugfixes etc and for the modders out there you finally have access to all textures/images etc. More details in the release thread and I'll create a new sticky for github related stuff.

Heres a couple screenshots, more available in the screenshot thread:
[Image: HomeVert1.jpg]
[Image: HomeHorzLow1.jpg]
[Image: MoviesView2.jpg]
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butchabay Offline
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@ Crookas
Great ! The home menu looks awesome with black gradient bar in recently added and
the media flags are fitting perfectly.

If you want to implement some of our MOD's just pm (malexx or me) ... we're about to launch version cirrus.extended 1.1 this weekend with a lot of new little features, so watch out ...
Again compliments for this ultimative skin, you did really a grandious job
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Malexx Offline
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hi,will test this thing out now.
For some Mods,i can add them too if you want.
For sure i will mod the skin anyway Wink

Edit:Ok tested and i really like the new stuff.
For my part i would make Cirrus Extended Mod 1.1 based on Cirrus 2.1 if this is ok for you and Buctchabay wants it too.
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htpc guy Offline
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Pulling from Git as we speak. Looks good. I'm still looking forward to the Extended mod since it has extra features that I use (Advanced Launcher support).

How to use Git
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booker88 Offline
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Hey Crookas, congrats on the new release.

Please don't feel compelled to start bringing in *all* of those mods. Cirrus is clean, fast and stable. It's also quite "easy to use". I love that one doesn't have to delve through dozens of menus and sub-options to set it up.

Thanks again for your work.
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eriksmith200 Offline
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Love the skin! Most clean and balanced skin since mediastream i.m.o. Smile
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PatOso Offline
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I like more "recently added" previous version. Stare

Big Grin
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