Browsing with VFD or LCD?
Hello fellows!

For a while I've been planning to build me a HTPC in the livingroom. As I'm using a projector as screen, I rather not turning it on if I want to startup, turnoff, or browse music in XBMC. So, will this scenario work in XBMC:

1. I'm coming home from work.
2. Want to listen on music.
3. Starting the HTPC up (no display).
4. XBMC starts up automaticlly of course, and it gives me menuchoices in VFD.
5. I choosing music and which library to choose, i.e. "All songs" or "Heavy Metal".
6. I can decide if I want to play with shuffle, repeat and so on.

Everything above is controlled with a remote-control, or buttons on the HTPC-case. So is this possible? Or can't XBMC handle input and output in this way?

A little offtopic question which should be in Hardware or Linux forum, but I add it here if someone sniffs it up and have a feeling to help; which VFD is best recommended? I don't want to have background light which irritates, only text or pictures on black background. Will the VFD work nice in Linux, any difference in functionally compared to Windows 7?

i've got the EXACT same need.

How did you managed that ?

thanks for your help

PS: i'm considering buying a iMon VFD display ut no sure it will be the solution
I'd take a look at some of the ipod or android remote apps. They give good control screens that may be just what you're looking for.
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