[AppleTV2] XBMC crashing to main menu
I have XBMC installed can play movies etc... but on some random time when playing movie, browsing through menus or when keyboard is open (typing something with remote) XBMC crashes and im sent back to Apple TV 2G Main menu... I can then just start XBMC again and soon after it will crash again to main menu...

anyone else experiencing this problem?

Im still on Apple TV 2G 4.1 (4.0)
Hi everyone, first of all I am totaly new and just impressed by XBMC so far!

Unfortunately I experienced the same problems on my 4.2.1 ATV2, if you now a fix you'd make me a happy man Wink
I think Ive fixed it... managed to survive more then 30mins without a crash...

I've reinstalled my ATV2 with 4.2.1 and then ONLY installed XBMC and PLEX... and for now it looks like its working...

Before I had installed alot more other software.... so It had to be a conflict somewhere... or it was ATV 4.1 (4.0) fault... but based on Cyruss89 same problem with 4.2.1 it had to be with some package I had installed

Cyruss89 try to reinstall / re-jailbreak and only install XBMC and see if that helps
Don't think it's a firmware issue, because as you said, my problem sounds exactly the same.
I'll reinstall too. Will try it together with the webbrowser though.
I did a clean install on a brand new atv2 (nothing else on it).
Some crashes from time to time, but still usable!

There is one more thing I remembered... when i got into XBMC I changed some settings with language and played with settings all together... so it could just be that something made XBMC to crash as well...

now after reinstall I didnt touch any settings... yet... Smile

Cyruss89 let me know how it goes after your reinstall
I'll be there in a minute. Waiting for network time atm and then I'll install XBMC and I will change the language to get rid of farenheit Wink
Works! Only XBMC installed atm, adjusted the screen and changed the language.
Confirmed I changed the screen and language as well still works Smile

so It had to be something we had installed.. maybe nitotv? or some of its components... or maybe some other setting Smile
Don't think it's nitoTV, otherwise much more people would have complaint
I had this problem, most times it crashed 3-5 minutes after I started XBMC.

I think that there was some settings that caused the problem, so I renamed "/private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC" to remove all settings and now it work perfectly.

Before yesterday i didnt have a problem with XBMC crashing. Since yesterday the problems started. I couldnt watch a movie without going back to the main menu. I did a complete restore with new jailbreak. Now its even worse. Going to main menu when i browsing the menus. Does someone have a solution.
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