[AppleTV2] Video playback testing results with mediainfo included
Here's a little bit of info from me on how my ATV2 has been working out with XBMC:

XBMC is crashing when it scrapes, so I had to forgoe that for now. I need to try a hard boot of the ATV to see if that resolves it.

My ATV is connected to my home LAN using MoCA devices. I've pushed 60Mbps across these devices, so it's basically as good as being directly connected on 10/100. All media is stored on a QNAP NAS and being accessed by XBMC over UPnP using Twonky Media Server running on the NAS.

I've tried over a dozen movies and all of them have played, seek, FF/RW and chapter skipped flawlessly. When you do seek, FF/RW and chapter skip, there is a very brief suttter of the image after the action completes, but it's no longer than 1 second, if even a full second. Pausing can take about 2 seconds before it actually completely pauses.

I tested about a dozen different files, mostly MKV, but also a view AVI's which are XviD's, so I covered a decent range of stuff across different resolutions. Everything is encoded using "scene" norms for the intended output format.

The highest bitrate for videos tested per mediainfo looks to be 15.0Mbps in my samples. I jumped through all the movies to try and find high action scenes to make sure I could find some areas that hit bitrate peaks. A lot of these will peak into the 20+ Mbps eange for 1 second or less.

I don't know how to bring up the framerate counter, so I can't tell for certain if frames where being dropped, but it sure didn't look like it. I never had a buffering issue.

To see all the mediainfo details on files I tested, go here: http://pastebin.com/b8g14Qj3
Nice.. Thanks a lot! Smile I really think there should be topic to aggregate user experiences with different file formats. Do you have any 720p XviD file? I was wondering if they work, because it appears that hardware decoding is only enabled for h264...
I have no HD DivX/XviD files, because everyone uses H264 for HD stuff these days (and have for quite a while). Heck, even the DivX guys switched to it for "DivX Plus".

In any event, I got a sample from divx.com of an HD DivX - http://showcase7.divx.com/mobile/Sintel_...p_ASP.divx. You can see the mediainfo on the file here: http://pastebin.com/rUp945vd

As I expected, not watchable. Constant suttering and occasional buffering. Shouldn't be much fo a surprise as Apple is an H264 focused company. The dual core A5 CPU in next-gen devices will probably handle the HD DivX/XviD stuff.
OK. Thanks for testing.
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