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Extra home screen items
Hi. Great skin you've got going on. It runs very smooth on my atom/ion htpc and I've since decided to replace Aeon with it. Text is really easy to read and everything is presented really well. A nice, clean, attractive layout and... well... just a very good job overall. I've got a 40" lcd running at 1080p and Cirrus looks pretty damn slick on it.

Is there any way to add extra/custom items on the home screen? Aside from the standard videos/movies/weather/etc that are on there, I'd like to add in a "comics" selection and point that directly to the comics folder on my home server. I know XBMC can show .cbr files just fine and I've been able to do it in other skins, but I can't figure out if Cirrus can do it or not. I've found (and am looking at right now) the "skin settings - custom home" screen, but that doesn't seem to do what I want.

I know I can totally add the comics folder to the "pictures" menu, but I'd like to be able to further refine the main screen selections as per my personal interests.

Once I get a SSD for my htpc, I'm going to be reinstalling xbmc and all that stuff and I'd like to figure out how to get everything just right beforehand, that way I can just hop right in when I get it and have everything customized asap, hence this question.
Try out the Cirrus Extended mod. It has a ton of extra features, including adding in your own custom menus. You may also want to look here for info on how to use the Advanced Launcher Application to browse comics. The Cirrus Extended Mod fully supports the launcher program (more so than any other skin I've seen).
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Hey, thanks for the recommendation. I really like how the Advanced Launcher looks and I think I may have use for it in the future. I've also noticed some of the extra option in Cirrus Extended and they're pretty cool.

However, I still can't figure out how to add custom menus. From the main screen I go "system->skin" and then I look at "home window," "custom menu,' and "custom home" and after some poking around, I'm not able to bring up what I want, if that's even possible in this version of CE. You said it is, so I don't see what I'm doing wrong.

In "home window," all I see are options to enable or hide certain visual options or menu items. In "custom menu," I see that I can mess with addon, movie and tv submenus. While that's closer to what I want, it still doesn't let me blatantly add something to the home screen. In "custom home," all I can do is add custom favorites and custom playlists.

If I'm not doing it right, I'm expecting to feel pretty dumb when I DO see how to do it right. Probably one of those DUH moments. For now, though, I'm just at a loss on what to do.
hi,you have to create playlists or favourites before you can customize your home items.
Once created you can choose them in custom menu.
See the Wiki on how to setup playlists etc ...
Hmmm, okay. Looks like this will take some work. Thank you!
Is it possible to make Cirrus (or cirrus extended, for that matter) show plugins in the home menu?

Because i want my MPD plugin to be used instead of the original "music" application.
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