[iPhone] Connecting to UPNP source remotely

Loving XBMC for iOS Smile

I have successfully set it up on my iPhone to access my Twonky media library on my NAS when on my local network, however I'm having trouble setting it up to access it remotely.

I've tried adding the IP path in sources.xml myself, but when I then try to access the source is says "Network is not connected".

For info, the working path on my local network is given as a load of numbers, rather than the IP address I would expect to see.

The non-working remote path is of the format upnp://username:[email protected]:9100/

Any ideas why it thinks the network is not there? Will it only work on a local network and not over 3G?
UPNP only works locally. You could find out exactly what ports are used, but afaik UPNP / DLNA servers only work locally.
And then also: How much bandwith do you have to enjoy streaming? "Normal" home DSL connections don't have enough bandwith to make this enjoyable. When looking towards HD format even Wireless N needs to run smoothly...
There's enough bandwidth, and you don't need HD-quality streaming for stuff on an iPhone sized screen Smile

Hmm, looks like it might be a bit faffy to get working with XBMC, then - which is a shame as it works perfectly with the iPhone app PlugPlayer, but of course only XBMC can play non-native formats with hardware acceleration Sad
Same Prob as my "[iPhone] only for WIFI no 3G connection?" post.

No sources works from remote, only local connections over wifi are working, this is a bug, the same configs on my netbook with xbmc are working...

Tested with ftp or smb shares, adding share works inclusive login, but after this in the listview you got only a share not available error :-(
Thanks for the info, at least if it's a bug it should hopefully get fixed Smile
Sorry if this is off topic but i too have a netbook. Can you tell me how you are using xbmc remotely thru your netbook? was aware that this was possible...
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