ATV2 - XBMC Crashes with large .mkv files

Tried streaming 2Gb 720p x264 .mkv files to ATV2 from NAS drive with Twonky.

This has previously worked perfectly with up to 1.5Gb files however with these larger files XBMC crashes to the main ATV menu.

Paste bin for XBMC and crash log here:
Ok so these mkvs came in a 10 part bundle (mini series). Episode 1 crashes however Episode 5 plays perfectly!?

I've paste bined the media info. here:

Episode 1 is the first log

Can someone spot why Ep. 1 would crash XBMC and not Ep. 5?

Can you smb into the NAS drive?
If so attempt to play teh file that way instead of a twonky stream and see if it works
Still crashes in the same way via SMB. Ep.1 Crashes Ep. 5 ok
Are you running os 4.1 by chance? I had major stability issues possibly related to the update your appletv nag box that would pop up. After updating to 4.1.1 things are a lot more stable.
No, I'm on 4.1.1
The crash occurs just after playing the file, so not after x mins of playback, no image is ever shown, just goes from black to ATV menu.

If I could get any developer feedback that would be great as I bought the ATV2 to run XBMC and be able to support mkv streaming from my NAS which is practically the only format my Panasonic Plasma TV does not support.

So strange that one of these episodes plays ok and the others don't, looks like the encoding is the same... help!
I had the same problem with a 9Gb large MKV, will post the crashlog today if it crashes again.
Managed to get the mkv's that crash to play but only by disabling the "Allow HW acceleration (Video Toolbox) setting. This makes the video unacceptably choppy.

Cyrus can you confirm if this "fixes" the crash for you?

Davilla - This one on your radar as a known issue?
I had a similar problem when trying to play a 1080p mkv (6.8Gb in size) using the Aeon MQ 2 skin. Everytime I played the mkv it crashed back to the AppleTV menu.

However, once I switched back to the default Confluence skin I was able to play the mkv without any problems.

Not sure if the skin was using too many resources on the ATV2 but just a thought...
I'm actually using PM3.HD skin which is lighter than Confluence. Thanks anyway.
SOLVED: Disable Subtitles

Credit: Senaxx
candyman2000 Wrote:SOLVED: Disable Subtitles

Credit: Senaxx

Disable the subtitle's within the MKV file solved the problem. If the video crashes right after you press play, go to an other video that is working, and go to the 2nd icon on the top left (Audio and Subtitle settings), and disable the subtitles, and apply "set as default for all movies"
What if you want subtitles though?
spotsphill Wrote:What if you want subtitles though?

Not at the moment. I've send davilla a sample MKV that's chrashing, and when he got the time he will examine it.
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