FTP PWD (working directory) command ignored ?

I guess I found a bug but I'm not sure:

if I add a network FTP source and connect to it, the FTP server (running on a linux-based sat receiver) says the current directory is NOT the root directory (it's set to "/var/" instead of "/").
If I want to change to the root directory (by opening the folder named ".."), I get back to the source selction screen.

Is it a known bug ?
How can I change the working directory to root ("/") ?

Thanks in advance,

When you created the network location for the FTP server, did you put / in the "Remote path" field? If not try it and see if it helps.

I tested with my FTP server, which by default sets the /jhsrennie directory as the current directory. If I don't specify the remote path I get exactly the behaviour you describe. When I connect I see the contents of the /jhsrennie folder and .. takes me back to the source selection screen. If I put / in as the remote path then when I open the source I see the root directory.

OK, it's a part of the solution.

If I set the "Remote Path" to "/", I get into the root path.

But changing into a directory failed. In Firefox / Filezilla etc. it is no problem...

The path where I stored my movies is "". If I type "/" as "Remote Path" and try to access the hdd folder, I just get an empty folder displayed. But it's full of other folders and some files.

If it helps, the console output of FileZilla...
Status:    Verbinde mit
Status:    Verbindung hergestellt, warte auf Willkommensnachricht...
Antwort:    220 Welcome to the vsftp daemon.
Befehl:    USER root
Antwort:    331 Please specify the password.
Befehl:    PASS ********
Antwort:    230 Login successful.
Befehl:    SYST
Antwort:    215 UNIX Type: L8
Befehl:    FEAT
Antwort:    211-Features:
Antwort:     EPRT
Antwort:     EPSV
Antwort:     MDTM
Antwort:     PASV
Antwort:     REST STREAM
Antwort:     SIZE
Antwort:     TVFS
Antwort:     UTF8
Antwort:    211 End
Befehl:    OPTS UTF8 ON
Antwort:    200 Always in UTF8 mode.
Status:    Verbunden
Status:    Empfange Verzeichnisinhalt...
Befehl:    PWD
Antwort:    257 "/var"
Befehl:    TYPE I
Antwort:    200 Switching to Binary mode.
Befehl:    PASV
Antwort:    227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,178,56,218,165)
Befehl:    LIST
Antwort:    150 Here comes the directory listing.
Antwort:    226 Directory send OK.
Status:    Berechne Zeitzonenabweichung des Servers...
Befehl:    MDTM log.nmb
Antwort:    213 20110124012345
Status:    Zeitzonenabweichungen: Server: 0 Sekunden. Lokal: 3600 Sekunden. Differenz: 3600 Sekunden.
Status:    Anzeigen des Verzeichnisinhalts abgeschlossen

What's wrong ?
Set the remote path to /hdd/movie or possible /hdd/movie/Filme as appropriate.

Doesn't work, I get an error. I guess it was "Network resource not reachable" or something like that (currently not at home to check it).
It sounds as if the ftp account you're using doesn't have access to the hdd folder. Alternatively, is the hdd folder a link? I have a vague memory that the ftp client in XBMC has problems following links, though this may only have been in the beta builds.

The ftp account is root, the same I'm using in Firefox / Filezilla where it works.

But I think it could be a link. On the other hand, should the real path not be shown if I enter the directory from an other ftp client ?

If I can't get it working I will try to install a smb server, but it's a little bit strange.

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