The text doesn't feet to the windows.
In some screens the text does not feet to its window. Just look at this.
I tryed a different screen resolutions:
1280x960 - 4:3
1024x768 - 4:3
1280x1024 - 5:4
The bug presents in all of these screen resolutions.
By the way, What does it mean "xx00000000019" on the last screenshot? I think I don't need this information to see.
PS. Here is my system and skin info:
It doesn't fit properly because the skin is designed to work at 720p resolution. Works fine in 1080p as well, with those two options you wont get alignment issues.

Mine with the same dialog running at 720p:
But I have an old-type screen, which does not support none of wide resolutions. Sad And I wish to use your wonderful skin. Is the any way exist to use Xperience skin on old-type screens? Sad
You could probably run XBMC in windowed mode? Edit your advanced settings to say this:


Or download this one: I use it all the time Wink
Wow!!! I fixed it!!! I made it by myself!!! Without any help and support! Big Grin
I just changed some "<posy>" lines at the "DialogSelect.xml" and "DialogOk.xml" files. And now everything fits perfectly on my 4:3 screen!!!
So, now I have a "4:3 screen" patch for this skin, if somebody is interested in it. Wink

I can work in windowed mode? I mean, all this time i was playing with some xml, but turning on each time XBMC.
In windowed mode the changes happend inmediatly?
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The text doesn't feet to the windows.00