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Hi, totally new to xbmc and so far it is great. Just installed xbmc on apple tv2 and can anyone help with installing extra skins on it? I have no experience with Terminal so a step by step guide would be great. I know this subject has been covered elsewhere but the information is only posted in snippets. leaving some steps out so that I can't follow it.

I have XBMC on my mac and all the skins I want. I just need to know how to upload them from my mac to my atv2 in Terminal.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the rookie question.
The easiest way is to get an ssh browser and just copy your skins/addons from your mac into the correct folder on the atv.

I personally use filezilla but cyberduck is a popular one.

You will find the folder at /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC/addons on the atv2.
thanks for that. Would you mind giving me a step by step guide on how to ssh into that particular folder and what command to upload the file? Total novice, sorry!
I'm no good with terminal myself apart from the very basics.

I suggest you get download filezilla. You can then just access the folder system by typing in your ssh login across the top and then you can just go to the folder and drop in your skins.
thanks, i'll try that.
sorry for the bother but can you tell me where and how to ssh into atv with filezilla. I just downloaded it but don't know where to start. Thanks
why dont you just go to Settings > Add-Ons and browse the skins in there to get you started. Saves all the terminal stuff if your not ready for it.
Thanks I'm able to use the default skins. I'm trying to find out how to install extra skins. I can't seem to find a step by step guide.
First you need to find atv's ip address...
system > system info > summary

in filezilla find the connection settings, (you need sftp type connection)
and add your ip address + user +password

default is

user = root
password = alpine
Hidd3nFury you're a genius! Thanks a million, it works perfectly.
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