799 Metal Music Backdrops added

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duskdweller Offline
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Hi, I just added 799 Metal and rock backdrops to http://www.htbackdrops.com

Best that I could find for now.

Just thought I would let ya all know, enjoy Smile Smile
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jacktyler Offline
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cheers buddy! muchas gracias.
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Ninjamawwe Offline
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Nice work, i uploaded a batch to nuzecast a long time ago (which now will duplicate some of your uploaded fanart), but that never made it to the site.
Great work, now we just need artist thumbs for them Wink
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horizonsofchaos Offline
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Thanks for your contributions. I've been adding some stuff myself and I will try and contribute regularly. Was pleasantly surprised to see the number of metal backdrops already available.
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